ECON20003 Quantitative Methods 2

After the reform in 2020, QM2 abandoned the previous Eviews and switched to the same software as ECOM1, Rstudio, which is more practical. If you just look at the syllabus, you will feel that the two courses "seem" to be similar, but in terms of teaching content, the types of hypothesis tests learned in QM2 will be much more than those in ECOM1.

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Several Misunderstandings in Applying for Study Abroad

Now more and more people choose to study in Australia, and the application for study abroad is the most important step to entering the Australian campus. But now all kinds of false information on the Internet have brought a lot of influence on the students' way of studying abroad. Here is a list of some common misunderstandings in the application for studying abroad, hoping to help the students in their application.

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1A03: Introduction to Linguistics: Voice, Speech, and Hearing.

The course is a blended course that includes reading, observation, and learning to complete learning activities in your own time (after-class exercises) throughout the semester.

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MMM315 Business Management Capstone - Assessment, assignments, writing, essays, presentations, case studies, plans, reflections

MMM315 Business Management Capstone This course mainly studies the relevant content of business management

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ECON1275 Prices and Markets-Tests, case studies, assessments, test taking, economics, tutoring

Prices and Markets This course will enhance students' understanding of microeconomics both theoretically and practically, and equip students with the language and skills to identify, define and analyze markets and firms in a modern business environment.

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BUSM4361 Visual Management for Business - RMIT

Visual Management for Business This course combines design theory and lean process techniques to develop a range of visual planning and monitoring tools.

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BUSM1530 Leadership and Management (2250) Course Introduction - assignments, case studies, assessments, writing, commissioning, reports, articles

BUSM1530 Leadership and Management (2250) is designed to develop the understanding and skills to deal with the complexities of being a managerial leader. The course covers leadership and management, with a particular emphasis on contemporary perspectives.

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ECON1274 Business Statistics (2302)-writing, test taking, tutoring, assessment, writing, research, analysis

Statistics for Business is an introduction to a range of statistical techniques used by managers. Course content will be applied to the real world, including demonstrations in accounting, auditing, economics, finance, financial planning, human resource management, information technology, logistics, transportation, and marketing.

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MGMT20005 Business Decision Analysis (BDA) - assignments, analysis, exams, assessments, administration

Business Decision Analysis is a level 2 course under Management. Although it is a management course, the English skills do not need to be very deep. It is suitable for some students who are not confident in their English as a training.

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MAE203 The Global Economy

MAE203 is a compulsory course in Deakin economics, this course focuses on studying the Australian economic system in the world economy, and identifying and evaluating current macroeconomic issues and policies. There are 2 assignments and an exam in this course.

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The CMP2 course consists of 4 assessments, the first is case discussion and speech, the second is a typed case study, the third is a self-reflection learning diary, the fourth is an assessment based on clinical work, and the last is an assessment. is the actual clinical assessment.

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The classroom format and inspection format of Australian universities

Now more and more students are considering going to Australia to study after the college entrance examination or during university, but they are used to the traditional teaching mode in China, whether the students who are new to Australian universities can adapt to their teaching style.

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COM306 Specialist Communication Sample

COM306 Specialist Communication, expert communication. This course consists of 4 assessments, the first is a critical analysis of 2000 words, the second is an individual assignment divided into two parts, the third is classroom participation and activities, and the last is a take-home test.

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23115-Economics for Business - writing, essay, case study, short answer, business, final, assessment

23115-Economics for Business, Business Economics. This course is required for business studies and provides students with a basic understanding of the impact of business.

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Essential strategies for studying in Australia

Many students are about to embark on the journey of studying abroad. Presumably, everyone is full of expectations for the study abroad career. At the same time, the necessities of life will also be accompanied by some anxiety. Today, I will share with you some must-have tips in Australia, you can collect them.

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The Importance of GPA in Different Countries - Ghostwriting, Essay Writing, Exams, Case Studies, Assessments, Assignments, Polishing

Many students always ask questions about GPA, "Is GPA important?". Next, I will take students to understand the algorithm and importance of GPA in various countries.

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LAW2497 Business Law - Law, Business, Exams, Case Studies

This course explores the process of enacting, interpreting and applying laws, including tort law, contract law and consumer law, with an emphasis on the practical application of these laws in business. Understanding the law is at the heart of running a successful business, as failure to comply can result in a business being sued.

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ISYS3314 Business Information Systems (Associate Degree) Course Introduction - Closed Book, Test, Design, Canvas

Designed to develop students' ability to use business analysis tools and models built on a range of techniques to enhance students' understanding of problems, decision quality and the innovative design of usable systems.

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MLC101 Business Law - Deakin, Law, Case Analysis, Business, Case Analysis, Research

This course focuses on the fundamental concepts and purposes of commercial law, covering the Australian legal system, the law relating to contracts, commercial relationships and negligence.

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International students return home after graduation or stay abroad

Many students who plan to study abroad and friends who are about to graduate should have struggled with such problems. After graduating from studying abroad, whether to return to China or stay abroad.

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Analysis of Prices and Markets Course Points-Business, Economics, Homework, Writing, Papers

Economics Definition: Economics is the science that studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means with alternative uses

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INFO1113 course content analysis -Australia, writing, exams, programming, IT, code

INFO1113_Object-Oriented Programming, object-oriented programming. Object-oriented programming is a technique for arranging code into classes, each class encapsulating related data and operations on that data in one place. Inheritance is used to reuse code from more general classes in special cases.

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What preparations do international students need to make if they want to change their major?

Many students studying abroad are not very satisfied with their undergraduate majors and want to change majors when they want to apply for graduate students. Changing majors is a very serious decision. If you decide to choose a major again, you must consult with relevant professionals before applying, and you will get twice the result with half the effort if you make corresponding preparations.

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ETF5900 Basic Introduction-Monash, Master, Homework, Exam, Ghostwriting, Exam

Business Statistics is a compulsory course in the first semester. This course requires a certain foundation in mathematics and probability analysis. If students have been exposed to advanced mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics at the undergraduate level, this course will be relatively easy to learn.

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Introduction to risk management -Masters, Business, Mathematics, Final Exam, Monish, Financial Derivatives

This course has always been a required course for majors of Master of business, but in recent years it has also been recommended as an elective course by many other business schools. In previous years, there was a big controversy in this course, although the name is called risk management, almost all of them are theoretical knowledge points, which makes many skilled and calculating students cry out of pain.

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BUSM4095 Human Resource Management - courses, management, tutorials, groups, quizzes, assignments

This course provides an overview of human resource management (HRM) principles and strategies in organizational management. In particular, the strategic role of human resource management in an organization.

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LAW2442 Business Law - Law, Test, Report, Evaluation, Short Answer

Business Law This course introduces fundamental aspects of the law that are relevant to business professionals –the modern business would not be possible without the law of contracts.

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ACCT2189 Accounting in Organizations and Society (Diploma) - Tests, Articles, Writing, Papers, Exams, Ghostwriting

Accounting in Organizations and Society provides an introduction to the role of accounting information in business and wider society.

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MMK101 Marketing Fundamentals – Writing, Exam, Business, Marketing

MMK101 is one of the eight core courses of Deakin Business, which mainly explains the basic content of marketing.

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