BUSM1202 Managing Change – writing, brief, sample, report, interview

As a basic course set up by RMIT for undergraduate students, BUSM1202 is not difficult to study, mainly to investigate theoretical knowledge and its application. GPA Expert includes a detailed explanation of

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BAFI1018 International Finance – writing, sample, report, summary

BAFI1018 International Finance is a finance course offered by RMIT specifically for undergraduates.

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22420 Accounting Standards and Regulations – writing, case analysis, report, group work

22420 Accounting Standards and Regulations is the foundation course of Accounting at the University of Technology Sydney. The subject provides

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ECON1195 Financial Econometric – writing, analysis, case, report

ECON1195 Financial econometrics is a postgraduate course at RMIT. As it assesses questions in analyzing financial data by using econometric methods, students are required to study basic subjects first.

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BUSM4417 Project Financial Management and Appraisal – writing, project study, case, assignment

BUSM4417 will deepen students' understanding of project costing and enhance students' ability to work on project case

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25575 Investment Banking – writing, sample, ppt presentation, online quiz

25575 Investment Banking is one of the major courses in Finance at the University of Technology Sydney. The subject presents, in an accessible way, an introduction to the literature on recent developments in the services

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GSBS6004 Organisational Behaviour and Design – writing, essay, group presentation, case

GSBS6004 Organisational Behaviour and Design is one of the main courses of business at the University of Newcastle.

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42046 Data Processing Using R – writing, programming, case analysis, solution

As an IT major course of UTS, Subject 42046 is highly popular. The evaluation task of

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Something about Reduce Study Load?

According to the Immigration Department, overseas students on student visas must obtain a certain number of credits in each semester of the year. However,

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CITS3001 Algorithms, Agents and Artificial Intelligence – writing, case, project design, exam

CITS3001 Algorithms, Agents and Artificial Intelligence is one of the major courses in IT at the University of Western Australia (UWA). It examines

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BFC5280 Institutional asset and liability management – writing, case, quiz, final exam

BFC5280, as a required course for Master of Banking and Finance, used to be "famous" for its high failure rate. With the change of the teaching mode

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COMP90059 Introduction to Programming – writing, test, case, programming assignment

COMP90059 Introduction to Programming is a graduate course in the Python language.

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INFO90002 Database Systems & Information Modelling – writing, group project, SQL design, Final e

INFO90002 Database Systems & Information Modelling is Graduate coursework. It is the core basic subject of Master of Information System and Master of Information Technology.

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The full name of CFA is Chartered Financial Analyst, or Chartered Financial Analyst. It is a qualification examination established by the AIMR in 1963 and is the largest of the vocational examinations by far.

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CITS3007 Secure Coding – writing, programing project, sample, exam

CITS3007 Secure Coding is a course in IT at the University of Western Australia (UWA). The evaluation of CITS3007

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22522 Assurance Services and Audit – writing, case, quiz, communication skills

22522 Assurance Services and Audit is one of the major courses at UTS. It introduces the history and origin of audit and the practice of contemporary audit. The entire process of

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怎样写Self-reflection articles?(Part A)

When completing your assignment in Australia, you should have met the assignment that required to write a self-reflection article. Those who

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MATH2201 Basic Statistical Methodologies – writing, report, case, quiz, presentation

MATH2201 Basic Statistical Methodologies is taught at RMIT. This course consists of four assignments: Assignment 1 is an Individual draft report

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HTL302 Revenue Management – writing, case analysis, quiz, presentation

HTL302 Revenue Management is a course in Torrance University. The evaluation of HTL302 is divided into 3 assignments: Assignment 1 is a Case Study Analysis.

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AIP209 The Politics of Asylum in Australia and Asia – writing, report, case, essay

AIP209 is a course offered by Deakin University's School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Students may be under enormous time pressure due to two consecutive assignments in the last two weeks.

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32146 Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics – writing, data analysis, case, assessment

32146 Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics is a course from UTS that covers core Data to support Visual analysis and decision-making processes as well as Visual interaction

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How to write PS?

When applying for studying abroad, many applicants will be distressed because they cannot write an excellent PS. PS (Personal Statement) is a key part of the application process and is widely used to

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MKTG1419 Social Media and Mobile Marketing – writing, sample, analysis, group-work

MKTG1419 Social Media and Mobile Marketing, Social Media and Mobile Marketing. It is a specialized course in the Media Studies program at RMIT.

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BUSM4413 Strategic Project Delivery – writing, case, study, analytics

BUSM4413 Strategic Project Delivery, or Strategic Project Delivery, is a postgraduate subject at RMIT. The evaluation of BUSM4413 is composed of 3 assignments: Assignment 1

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MMM306 Global Strategy and International Management – writing, case, group work design, final exam

MMM306 Global Strategy and International Management is one of the required courses for the management major at Deakin Uni. This course

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ACCT2228 Financial Accounting – writing, case, quiz, analysis

ACCT2228 Financial Accounting is one of RMIT's foundation courses in Accounting. This course guides students to understand and master the accounting requirements, concepts

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ECON1339 Behavioural Economics – writing, report, case, lecture

A range of learning activities is planned for ECON1339, including lectures and tutorials. Lectures will introduce students to behavioural economics concepts, theories and methods.

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What is ACCA?

hose who study Accounting in Australia are all familiar with ACCA, which is very different from the domestic CPA. ACCA has great authority in the world,

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ACCT1056 Auditing – writing, presentation, case study, group work design, auditing report

ACCT1056 Auditing is an auditing course with 3 assignments: Assignment 1 is an in-class presentation, Assignment 2 is a group assignment, and Assignment 3 is an individual audit report. Taking this course provides students

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