MGT604 Strategic Management - writing case draft case

MGT604 Strategic Management is a basic business course. It is to create value for stakeholders by managing the strategic resources of an organization, which aims

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MGT602 Business Decision Analytics – writing, case, study, research

MGT602 Business Decision Analytics is a major course in business at Torrens University. The learning objectives of this course are: to assess

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MGT601 Dynamic Leadership -writing case report

MGT601 Dynamic Leadership is one of the compulsory MBA courses at the University of Torrens. It has 3 assignments for students: Assignment 1 Part A Emotional Intelligence

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MGT600 Management, People and Teams – MBA, writing, case, report

MGT600 is one of the required MBA courses at Torrance University. The course objective in this discipline is to understand organizational behavior

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MGT605 Business Capstone Project - assessment writing group work

MGT605全称是“Business Capstone Project”它是一门研究生的必修课,而且必须修完前三门才能修的一门课程。这门课程目的是企业管理者对企业社会责任的理解。

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MGT603 Systems Thinking - writing assessment case report

MGT603 (full name MGT603 Systems Thinking) builds on systems theory and introduces students to a holistic view of the organisation and the broader ecosystem it operates in. It also introduces students to the basic principles of operations management in the context of Systems Thinking. Students will be exposed to Systems Thinking tools to diagnose and propose innovative solutions to contemporary business issues. For detailed subject information .

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