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GSBS6004 Organisational Behaviour and Design – writing, essay, group presentation, case

GSBS6004 Organisational Behaviour and Design is one of the main courses of business at the University of Newcastle.

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22522 Assurance Services and Audit – writing, case, quiz, communication skills

22522 Assurance Services and Audit is one of the major courses at UTS. It introduces the history and origin of audit and the practice of contemporary audit. The entire process of

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HTL302 Revenue Management – writing, case analysis, quiz, presentation

HTL302 Revenue Management is a course in Torrance University. The evaluation of HTL302 is divided into 3 assignments: Assignment 1 is a Case Study Analysis.

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MGT602 Business Decision Analytics – writing, case, study, research

MGT602 Business Decision Analytics is a major course in business at Torrens University. The learning objectives of this course are: to assess

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FIN600 Financial Management – writing case quiz report

FIN600 Financial Management is one of the major courses of the Torrens University MBA. This course is mainly to learn the relevant knowledge of financial management, and its assessment includes 5 quizzes and a Case Study Report.

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BUSM4177 Leadership – writing, assignment, case study, plan

BUSM4177 Leadership is one of RMIT's business courses. This course consists of 3 assignments:

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BUSM4651 Contemporary Management: Issues and Challenges – writing, report, case, group-work design

BUSM4651 provides an opportunity for students to discuss and apply the relevant theoretical knowledge they have learned. It will improve students' communication skills by assessing

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MMH733 Ethics and Corporate Sustainability – writing, report, case, final exam

MMH733 Ethics and Corporate Sustainability is aimed to develop students' ability to analyze the complex ethical and political nature of management work and its impact on corporate sustainability;

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ACC321 Communication Internship B: Career Development – writing assignment case speech video

ACC321 Communication Internship B: Career Development. This course is about you and your career development because you have built up your internship experience.

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LAW2556 Civil and Criminal Issues in the Digital World – writing case essay exam

LAW2556 Civil and Criminal Issues in the Digital World provides you the opportunity to engage with current legal issues in the digital business environment. You will understand and critique issues relating to

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MMM241 Entrepreneurship and Innovation – writing report case assessment

MMM241 Entrepreneurship and Innovation is one of the required courses for DKU management. This course focuses on cultivating entrepreneurial and innovative thinking, using and applying innovative ideas to produce positive economic, social, or environmental changes in all types of organizations and environments.

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BUSM4163 Business Consulting – writing case assessment report

BUSM4163 Business Consulting is one of the major Business courses. This course consists of 3 Assessment assignments, which are: Individual self-reflection Report, Group-work, and Final Report.

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MGMT5800 Technology, Management and Innovation – writing assessment report

MGMT5800 Technology, Management and Innovation consists of four assessments. Assessment 1 is an Online Quiz, Assessment 2 is a case analysis, and Assessment 3 is an Individual Report. Assessment 4 is individual attendance and class discussion.

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ACCT2213 Accounting in Organizations and Society - writing assessment case report

ACCT2213 is Accounting in Organizations and Society. It is one of the main courses in Accounting. The Assessment of ACCT2213 consists of three assessments.

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OMGT2243 Global Trade Operations - writing case assessment

OMGT2243 Global Trade Operations is one of the main courses of International Economic and Trade major. There are 3 assessments for this course:

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ACCT2033 Financial Accounting and Analysis - writing case report

ACCT2033 Financial Accounting and Analysis is one of the main courses in Accounting. There are three assessments in this course:

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ECON1341 Psychology for Business Decisions - writing case assessment

Course ECON1341 Psychology for Business Decisions covers all aspects of human psychology. Taking this course will help you understand the basis for the decisions of various stakeholders.

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BUSM3243 Business and Economic Analysis - writing case assessment lecture

Business and Economic Analysis is an introduction course to Business and Economic statistics.

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LAW2442 Business Law writing case assessment exam

LAW2442 Business Law is a course that introduce the commercial law fundamentals especially for business professions.

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BUSM1137 Human Resource Development - writing case assessment report

HRD, which is short for Human Resource Development, has developed a unique body of knowledge suited to its purpose though three different steps

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BUSM2453 Developing Professionally - writing case assessment self-efficacy

BUSM2453 Developing Professionally mainly tells us that we need to develop in the direction of professionalization, it is the basis of you in business.

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BAFI1002 Financial Markets and Institutions - writing sample assessment report

BAFI1002 Financial Markets and Institutions is the basic course of Finance.

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BUSM4176 Introduction to Management - writing case sample assessment

BUSM4176 is an Introduction to Management, which is the basic theory of Management.

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BUSM2577 Integrated Perspectives on Business Problems - writer writing sample

Course BUSM2577 mainly describes Integrated Perspectives on Business Problems. The purpose of this course is understanding the concept of business problems; analyzing external factors affecting a business problem; applying PESTLE analysis and understanding stakeholders’ view of the company.

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ACCT1048 Financial Accountability and Reporting - assessment writing report

ACCT1048 Financial Accountability and Reporting is a required core course for the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and Bachelor of Business (Professional Accounting) degrees. This course includes a work Integrated Learning (WIL) experience, in which students' knowledge and skills are applied and assessed in a real or simulated work environment.

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ACCT1064 Cost Analysis and Organisational Decisions - assessment writing case

ACCT1064 is about Cost Analysis and Organizational Decisions. ACCT1064 has three assessments:

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ACCT1060 Managerial Advisory Finance - writing case sample

ACCT1060 focuses on your basic knowledge of Accounting, Management, Project Management and Finance.

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MPRO6000L Introduction to project Management - assessment writing ppt making


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BUSM2547 Global Business Sustainability - writing case assessment pitch

BUSM2547 is the Global Business Sustainability Project.

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