ECON20003 Quantitative Methods 2

After the reform in 2020, QM2 abandoned the previous Eviews and switched to the same software as ECOM1, Rstudio, which is more practical. If you just look at the syllabus, you will feel that the two courses "seem" to be similar, but in terms of teaching content, the types of hypothesis tests learned in QM2 will be much more than those in ECOM1.

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ECON1275 Prices and Markets-Tests, case studies, assessments, test taking, economics, tutoring

Prices and Markets This course will enhance students' understanding of microeconomics both theoretically and practically, and equip students with the language and skills to identify, define and analyze markets and firms in a modern business environment.

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ECON1274 Business Statistics (2302)-writing, test taking, tutoring, assessment, writing, research, analysis

Statistics for Business is an introduction to a range of statistical techniques used by managers. Course content will be applied to the real world, including demonstrations in accounting, auditing, economics, finance, financial planning, human resource management, information technology, logistics, transportation, and marketing.

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MGMT20005 Business Decision Analysis (BDA) - assignments, analysis, exams, assessments, administration

Business Decision Analysis is a level 2 course under Management. Although it is a management course, the English skills do not need to be very deep. It is suitable for some students who are not confident in their English as a training.

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MAE203 The Global Economy

MAE203 is a compulsory course in Deakin economics, this course focuses on studying the Australian economic system in the world economy, and identifying and evaluating current macroeconomic issues and policies. There are 2 assignments and an exam in this course.

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The CMP2 course consists of 4 assessments, the first is case discussion and speech, the second is a typed case study, the third is a self-reflection learning diary, the fourth is an assessment based on clinical work, and the last is an assessment. is the actual clinical assessment.

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COM306 Specialist Communication Sample

COM306 Specialist Communication, expert communication. This course consists of 4 assessments, the first is a critical analysis of 2000 words, the second is an individual assignment divided into two parts, the third is classroom participation and activities, and the last is a take-home test.

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BUSM4095 Human Resource Management - courses, management, tutorials, groups, quizzes, assignments

This course provides an overview of human resource management (HRM) principles and strategies in organizational management. In particular, the strategic role of human resource management in an organization.

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ACR305 Crime, Terrorism and Security Course Content Analysis - Writing, Reporting, Speech, Ghostwriting, Exam

ACR305 is an elective course for the business department of Deakin University, the full name is Crime, Terrorism and Security. This course provides an introduction to the broad topic of terrorism.

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Business Law Course Essentials - Ghostwriting, Course Analysis, Essays, Speeches

Business Law is a basic subject and a compulsory subject. Below we mainly briefly introduce the main knowledge points covered in Business Law.

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Is there any help if the GPA is too low? - Ghostwriting, reports, essays, case studies

All in all, a low GPA can be made up for, but maintaining your GPA score is important and can save you a lot of trouble.

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How to avoid academic misconduct - writing, case analysis, report, video presentation

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The evasion of academic misconduct

The above are common examples of academic misconduct. GPA Expert own professional appealing team has helped many people appeal successfully, and many courses that were judged fail have been applied for a pass. If you need this service, you are advised to consult GPA Expert customer service.

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How to deal with the SQA task in perspective?

A perfect answer involves more than just the above. It needs to be properly added to the author's point of view and approach. It requires intellectual and logical rigor. It requires the full use of relevant theoretical knowledge. It needs to express its ideas briefly in a set number of words.

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Brief Instructions about individual reflection report

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Introduction to the types of Group-work Assessment

Above are brief introductions to the types of Group-work Assessments. In the last, I would like to remind you to choose a Group suitable for you to do group-work, and take the initiative to take the part you are good at when assigning tasks in the group.

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Common Introduction of Assignment Categories

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Simple introductions to Business Plan - case study, study, plan making

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常见的Management Challenges分析 – case study, analysis, management

As a manager, you should be well prepared to deal with management challenges and see them as opportunities to improve your management skills and stepping stones to the success of your team. Dealing with management challenges properly will give you the experience to become a top manager in the future.For more information, please contact GPA Expert customer service.

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A brief introduction about the tense problem in writing an Essay - tense, time boundary, essay writing

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Tips on the repetition rate of an Essay - manner of presentation, replace, tool, sentence structure

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How to get a high grade in your group work assignment? - group work mission, communication, cooperation, guidance

The division of contribution to group work is a key factor. Under normal circumstances, with the number of people in the group, it is necessary to divide the work into how many copies on average, we decide the topic and writing direction together, they write their own, and finally summed up together

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How to write a report? - report writing, report writing guidance, report writing skill

The structure of a Report generally includes 7 parts: cover, table of contents, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Reference and appendix. Now let's introduce them in detail. Want to learn more? Please contact GPA Expert

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How to optimize your Essay?

If you have any Essay writing or polishing needs, you can contact GPA Expert customer service center for help.

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How to write a topic sentence in an essay? - writing, sample, reference

The ultimate purpose of a topic sentence is to integrate the whole paragraph into the logical structure of the whole essay so as to make the written Essay fluent, logical and clear, sufficiently demonstrated, and full of critical thinking. For more requirements, please consult GPA Expert.

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Introduction to Critical Thinking(Part B) - writing writen case

We have talked about the basic concept of Critical Thinking. Now we are going to introduce how to improve our critical thinking ability

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Introduction to Critical Thinking(Part A) - Academic essay writing, Australia assessment, Coursework assignment

What is critical thinking? Critical thinking is essentially a kind of reasoning ability. It is formed by people's subjective impression when they are in contact with things,

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How to make a splendid Presentation?

Before making the Presentation, the speaker can read the manuscript several times to get familiar with the content of the presentation and relieve nervousness.

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A brief introduction to the Qualitative Analysis Method

In writing an Essay, the choice of research methods is very important, we must choose the appropriate research methods according to the research topic of the paper. If you need any help on essay writing, please consult GPA Expert immediately, we will provide quality service, both guaranteed service and high score agreement.

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