Something about Reduce Study Load?

According to the Immigration Department, overseas students on student visas must obtain a certain number of credits in each semester of the year. However,

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The full name of CFA is Chartered Financial Analyst, or Chartered Financial Analyst. It is a qualification examination established by the AIMR in 1963 and is the largest of the vocational examinations by far.

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怎样写Self-reflection articles?(Part A)

When completing your assignment in Australia, you should have met the assignment that required to write a self-reflection article. Those who

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How to write PS?

When applying for studying abroad, many applicants will be distressed because they cannot write an excellent PS. PS (Personal Statement) is a key part of the application process and is widely used to

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What is ACCA?

hose who study Accounting in Australia are all familiar with ACCA, which is very different from the domestic CPA. ACCA has great authority in the world,

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How to write a title in an essay?

In an essay, the title part is particularly important. No matter what type of article is written, the quality of the title will directly affect the reader's first impression. To write a splendid title is not an easy task.

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How to use Harvard Format references correctly?

You should check and correct it by yourself while writing the reference. Of course, you can also use some automatic output tools for reference, but you should never fabricate the reference. Otherwise, it may be suspected of academic fraud. If you have requirements on Essay writing or Reference generation, you can contact GPA Expert

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How to write a Conclusion of an essay ?

After finished the Result and Discussion part of the essay, the next step is to think about how to set up a conclusion for your essay. The selection of the conclusion part is equally important.

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How to write the result and discussion parts of a Dissertation

The part of result and discussion is of vital importance in writing a dissertation. It is the symbol of your topic in your dissertation. In the part of result, you summarize your point of view from the context.

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Introduction to the writing format of a Report

Currently, Assignments in the form of Essays and Reports are widely used in international students’ assignments. However, many international students find it difficult to distinguish between the two types of assignments. Generally speaking, Essay writing is less difficult than Report writing.

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How to write the introduction part of a Dissertation?

It is well known that when you get a Dissertation, the Introduction part is the first thing that catches your eye. The Introduction part of a Dissertation is just like the face of a person. It is concise, introducing your topic and argument in just a few lines. It is also the most exciting place to read.

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The comparison between SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis

SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis are both commonly used methods in business analysis, and they can provide a corresponding basis for management to make decisions. In this paper, we will introduce these two methods and compare them briefly. If you don't know where to start when writing, contact GPA Expert for help.

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Research methods commonly used in a dissertation

If you want to write a decent dissertation, choosing the right research method is very important. If you need some help on your writing, please contact GPA Expert our customer service!

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Four main Format selection of References - APA MLA CMS Citation

References are common. It is necessary for a Dissertation. In academic writing, people get their information from many sources. The source of this information should be noted in the paper. It respects the copyright of others and supports your thesis.

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How to write a dissertation?

A dissertation means a very long article. The direction of its writing is mostly academic.

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How to write the methodology of an essay?

Methodology is of vital importance in an essay. No matter what kind of essay you ' d like to write, you have to organize your methodology.

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How to write a good literature review?

Literature Review is a very common type of thesis when we study abroad. It is sometimes used as a separate Assignment, and sometimes it appears when writing a research proposal or graduation thesis. To write a good Literature Review, we must first understand what is literature Review?

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First of all, we need to confirm what the current strategy is, second, the change in the external environment of the enterprise, and then, according to the combination of enterprise resources, we need to confirm the key capabilities and key constraints of the enterprise, and finally, we need to score and evaluate.

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How to deal with the issure of failing a test?what does the Show Cause mean?

RMIT和Deakin的小伙伴们2022年T1的分数已经都,同学们都已经查到自己的分数了,也是喜忧参半的时刻。不少同学因为各种原因,可能发挥的并不理想,没有得到很好的成绩,出现挂科的情况,甚至被学校要求Show Cause,这时候该怎么办呢?

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The reference format is the same as in an English essay.

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Review the Assignment

Several key elements of audit operations and audit documents

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How do new students choose courses? Master course selection skills and you will get twice the result

Problems to be considered in course selection, such as clear course selection and reasonable arrangement of course order before course selection, how to choose classes and how to solve conflicts, how to check teachers and change courses after course selection.

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