BUSM1530 Leadership and Management (2250) Course Introduction - assignments, case studies, assessments, writing, commissioning, reports, articles

BUSM1530 Leadership and Management (2250) is designed to develop the understanding and skills to deal with the complexities of being a managerial leader. The course covers leadership and management, with a particular emphasis on contemporary perspectives.

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COM306 Specialist Communication Sample

COM306 Specialist Communication, expert communication. This course consists of 4 assessments, the first is a critical analysis of 2000 words, the second is an individual assignment divided into two parts, the third is classroom participation and activities, and the last is a take-home test.

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23115-Economics for Business - writing, essay, case study, short answer, business, final, assessment

23115-Economics for Business, Business Economics. This course is required for business studies and provides students with a basic understanding of the impact of business.

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LAW2497 Business Law - Law, Business, Exams, Case Studies

This course explores the process of enacting, interpreting and applying laws, including tort law, contract law and consumer law, with an emphasis on the practical application of these laws in business. Understanding the law is at the heart of running a successful business, as failure to comply can result in a business being sued.

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ISYS3314 Business Information Systems (Associate Degree) Course Introduction - Closed Book, Test, Design, Canvas

Designed to develop students' ability to use business analysis tools and models built on a range of techniques to enhance students' understanding of problems, decision quality and the innovative design of usable systems.

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MLC101 Business Law - Deakin, Law, Case Analysis, Business, Case Analysis, Research

This course focuses on the fundamental concepts and purposes of commercial law, covering the Australian legal system, the law relating to contracts, commercial relationships and negligence.

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Analysis of Prices and Markets Course Points-Business, Economics, Homework, Writing, Papers

Economics Definition: Economics is the science that studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means with alternative uses

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What preparations do international students need to make if they want to change their major?

Many students studying abroad are not very satisfied with their undergraduate majors and want to change majors when they want to apply for graduate students. Changing majors is a very serious decision. If you decide to choose a major again, you must consult with relevant professionals before applying, and you will get twice the result with half the effort if you make corresponding preparations.

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Do you know about various scholarships for studying in Australia?

Studying abroad is a way for many students to improve themselves, and the cost of studying abroad is also one of the problems that most people worry about. Australia attracts many students every year because of its good educational environment and beautiful scenery, but except for a small number of families, most of our students are working families, so for students, the scholarship application is a way to reduce the pressure of studying abroad Not a bad way. So, the following is a general introduction to the types of scholarships in Australia.

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Lecture and Tutorial-courses, summer vacation, class schedule, tutoring, ghostwriting

Let me share with you how to distinguish between Lecture and Tutorial. Many new students may be a little confused about the university system, but don't be too depressed and nervous. It will be much better after a while.

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MEDIAART1A03 Course Content Analysis - Media, Art, Projects, Final Exam, Ghostwriting

The MEDIAART1A03 course consists of 3 assessments. The first assignment is to check the attendance of the students, the second is the assignment of the media art project, and the third is the final exam.

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Course selection strategy for international students-system, course change, course, writing, test

How to choose university courses? Afraid of taking difficult courses? How to avoid the courses that everyone thinks are difficult to learn?

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MRKT2005 Service Marketing Course Content Analysis-Ghostwriting, Tests, Assignments, Papers

MRKT2005 is a course of Southern Cross University, the full name is Service Marketing, and it is a marketing course.

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COM203 Consulting and Freelancing case study-COM203 test, COM203 assessment, COM203 case analysis

The COM203 course consists of 4 assessments. The first assignment is a concept test, the second is a short business plan, the third is an Individual assignment, and the last is personal participation.

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FINS2643 Wealth Management and Client Engagement introduction – writing, mid-term test, final exam, blog

FINS2643 is one of the nine subjects applied for the FASEA Approved Degree at UNSW. GPA Expert has a professional team providing offline services for over 15 years, which can solve assignment problems easily and ensure the originality and privacy of the work.

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FINS3655 Behavioural Finance introduction - report, test, lecture, multidisciplinary perspective

FINS3655 is a multidisciplinary interdisciplinary course, and it is recommended to analyze problems from a multidisciplinary perspective. GPA Expert has a professional team providing offline services for over 15 years, which can solve assignment problems easily and ensure the

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FINS3641 Security Analysis and Valuation - writing, case analysis, exam, study

FINS3641 mainly introduces the analysis and valuation of stocks and security. GPA Expert has a professional team providing offline services for over 15 years, which can solve assignment problems easily and ensure the originality and privacy of the work. Welcome to consult!

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FINS3646 Toolkit for Finance introduction - case analysis, writing, programming, final exam

FINS3646 has simple Python language coding operations required. GPA Expert has a professional team providing offline services for over 15 years, which can solve assignment problems easily and ensure the originality and privacy of the work. Welcome to consult!

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MGMT1002 Managing Organisational Behaviour - case, study, test, reserch

If you have any troubles in your assignment, please consult GPA Expert customer service at any time. In GPA Expert, you can find test-related tips, Management Challenges tips and guides. We also provide professional services to ensure you pass the course with a high score.

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MKG201 Business to Business Marketing - report, plan, video presentation, case

As a basic business course at Torrens University, MKG201 is not difficult to learn. In analyzing and solving problems, we should learn to frequently use SWOT analysis and other important research and analysis methods. Whether it's writing a report or a proposal, or even crafting a personal speech or presentation, you can enlist the help of GPA Expert customer service. We will provide professional service and guidance.

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152.203 Business and Society - writing, note, presentation, test

152.203 As an undergraduate course at Massey University, Business and Society is of limited difficulty. Students need to understand and grasp the relationship between business and society, especially corporate social responsibility. Want more help? Please contact GPA Expert customer service.

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115.211 Business Law – writing, test, case study, situation

115.211 Business Law is a commercial law course at Massey University in New Zealand. The evaluation of 115.211 is divided into 5 assignments.

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INTE2047 Digital Business Systems – writing, business plan, report, sample

Through the study of INTE2047, students can feel the increasing importance of digital business. By mastering the knowledge and skills of the course, students can transform their existing businesses into digital business and develop new digital business.

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GSBS6004 Organisational Behaviour and Design – writing, essay, group presentation, case

GSBS6004 Organisational Behaviour and Design is one of the main courses of business at the University of Newcastle.

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BFC5280 Institutional asset and liability management – writing, case, quiz, final exam

BFC5280, as a required course for Master of Banking and Finance, used to be "famous" for its high failure rate. With the change of the teaching mode

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The full name of CFA is Chartered Financial Analyst, or Chartered Financial Analyst. It is a qualification examination established by the AIMR in 1963 and is the largest of the vocational examinations by far.

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21214 Business and Social Impact - Writing, case, group discussion, individual report

21214 Business and Social Impact is a course in UTS Business. Through the study of this course, students will explore the changes made by enterprises due to social and environmental changes from multiple perspectives

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BIZ301 Organizational Creativity and Innovation – writing case presentation group-work

BIZ301 Organizational Creativity and Innovation is one of the required courses for TUA Business. As a Level3 course, its difficulty is a little higher than medium.

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BAFI3261 Global Financial Markets and Institutions – writing report case group project design

BAFI3261 is Global Financial Markets and Institutions, which stands for Global Financial Markets and Institutions. The Assessment for this course is made up of three assessments. Assessment 1 is the take-home mid-term Test; Assessment 2 is Group Project; Assessment 3 is the Individual Assessment.

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MMM132 Management - writing assessment ppt making report

MMM132 (full name Management) is a freshman management course at Deakin University, which develops students' critical understanding of the basic learning of management. By considering globalization, ethics, social responsibility, and the social and cultural context of management, MMM132 will explore how management practices and the external environment interact and how solutions to management 'problems' are developed throughout the 19th and 20th centuries under different conditions.

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