INFO1113 course content analysis -Australia, writing, exams, programming, IT, code

INFO1113_Object-Oriented Programming, object-oriented programming. Object-oriented programming is a technique for arranging code into classes, each class encapsulating related data and operations on that data in one place. Inheritance is used to reuse code from more general classes in special cases.

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What is Python? What are the benefits for international students?

With the development of the times, Python has appeared more and more times in the eyes of students. Not only IT, but Python language has also appeared more and more in many business homework and exams, so today I will introduce to you The benefits of Python for international students.

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ENGG419 Advanced Fluid Mechanics introduction - writing, sample, exam, essay

ENGG419 requires some basic advanced mathematics assistance. GPA Expert has a professional team providing offline services for over 15 years,which can solve assignment problems easily and ensure the originality and privacy of the work.

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BUSM1202 Managing Change – writing, brief, sample, report, interview

As a basic course set up by RMIT for undergraduate students, BUSM1202 is not difficult to study, mainly to investigate theoretical knowledge and its application. GPA Expert includes a detailed explanation of

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25575 Investment Banking – writing, sample, ppt presentation, online quiz

25575 Investment Banking is one of the major courses in Finance at the University of Technology Sydney. The subject presents, in an accessible way, an introduction to the literature on recent developments in the services

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CITS3001 Algorithms, Agents and Artificial Intelligence – writing, case, project design, exam

CITS3001 Algorithms, Agents and Artificial Intelligence is one of the major courses in IT at the University of Western Australia (UWA). It examines

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COMP90059 Introduction to Programming – writing, test, case, programming assignment

COMP90059 Introduction to Programming is a graduate course in the Python language.

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CITS3007 Secure Coding – writing, programing project, sample, exam

CITS3007 Secure Coding is a course in IT at the University of Western Australia (UWA). The evaluation of CITS3007

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BUSM4413 Strategic Project Delivery – writing, case, study, analytics

BUSM4413 Strategic Project Delivery, or Strategic Project Delivery, is a postgraduate subject at RMIT. The evaluation of BUSM4413 is composed of 3 assignments: Assignment 1

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ACCT2228 Financial Accounting – writing, case, quiz, analysis

ACCT2228 Financial Accounting is one of RMIT's foundation courses in Accounting. This course guides students to understand and master the accounting requirements, concepts

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MCD6050 Communications and Society – writing, assessment, essay, case

Today, communication technology determines what people can say, what they cannot say and what they must say. The same principle applies to the movies and TV shows that people watch, the music that people listen to, the podcasts and radio that people listen to, the newspapers and books that people read

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COSC2531 Programming Fundamentals – writing exercise case test

COSC2531 Programming Fundamentals consists of three assessments: Assessment 1 is problem-solving Exercises. Assessment 2 is Class Tests 1, 2, and 3, which consists of two Tests and a task to develop a computer program. Assessment 3 is an Object Oriented Application Design.

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ACC321 Communication Internship B: Career Development – writing assignment case speech video

ACC321 Communication Internship B: Career Development. This course is about you and your career development because you have built up your internship experience.

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CSE2NEF Networking Fundamentals – writing writer case assessment

CSE2NEF is Networking Fundamentals, which is the foundation course for the Information Technology program at La Trobe University. Through this course, you will learn about the architecture, functions, and components of the OSI and TCP/IP layer models, as well as the basics of how to find IP addresses. At the end of the course, you can describe the entire OSI model and how adjacent layers interact with each other,

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BUA4003 Principles of Economics – writing assessment quiz case

BUA4003 Principles of Economics is a fundamental course in economics. This course consists of four assessments:

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ACCT2033 Financial Accounting and Analysis - writing case report

ACCT2033 Financial Accounting and Analysis is one of the main courses in Accounting. There are three assessments in this course:

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ACCT1064 Cost Analysis and Organisational Decisions - assessment writing case

ACCT1064 is about Cost Analysis and Organizational Decisions. ACCT1064 has three assessments:

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MPRO6000L Introduction to project Management - assessment writing ppt making

The average score of the course MPRO6000L after guidance is 85 points. As for the recording of the lecture video, you can learn the key points of the score from GPA Expert,

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ACCT1046 Accounting in Organisations and Society - writing assessment case report

Accounting in organisations and society Business Accounting is a core business accounting course for business degree students in which you will gain insight into the meaning and role of accounting and accountants in the context of people, organisations, and the changing and interconnected world in which we live. Understand the pervasive and transformative role of accounting as a driver of social practise and organization. You can complete projects and take the course through case studies, tests,

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MLC101 Basic Concept and Purpose of Commercial Law - writing assessment case analysis

The MLC101 provides the underlying concepts and purpose of commercial law. MLC101 covers the Australian legal system, the law relating to contract, business relationships and negligence.

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ECON1086 Business in globalised economy - writing assessment case

ECON1086, full name as Business in a Globalised Economy, is a basic course in RMIT university, which mainly checking the relevant theories, models, your abilities to make diagrams, analyze issues and collect data.

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ALM201 Gamified Media - writing assessment case project design

ALM201 enables you to explore and experience the application of game design elements in a variety of non-game contexts. In ALM201, you will create online content individually and collaboratively, and actively interact with your fellow students across different digital platforms.

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LAW2453 Taxation 1 - writing assessment case examine

LAW2453 consists of three assessments. The first Assessment 1 is an online Assessment, the second Assessment 2 is also an online Assessment, and the last Assessment 3 is a final Assessment, the final exam.

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COSC1076 Advanced Programming Techniques - writing assessment group work programming ass

The course of COSC1076 consists of three assessments: the first is an introductory assignment on the use of C++, the second is a group project, and the last is about solving computer programming problems. 

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ACC100 Communication in Everyday Life - writing assessment case

It demonstrates how your use of private, work-related, and public media can converge in digital environments and "communication in everyday life" practises. Communication in everyday life offers skills and methods to understand and influence communication practises around you.

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ISYS1118 Software Engineering Fundamentals - writing assessment case test

SYS1118 is a Software Engineering Fundamentals course that covers the Fundamentals of Software Engineering, architecture, design, and the use of processing software.

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ISYS3314 Business Information Systems - writing assessment analysis test


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MIS171 Business Analytics - writing assessment report

Hello, everyone. I am GAP assistant. This course is MIS171 Business Analytics. As one of Deakin's eight basic core courses, MIS171 is above average in difficulty among the eight basic courses. This course consists of three assessments, with a focus on data analysis.

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MAA103 Accounting For Decision Making - writing assessment case

There are four assessments in MAA103, of which assignment 1 accounts for 15% of the whole course, individual writing task, assignment 2 accounts for 10% of the whole course, which is also an individual task, and Assignment 3 accounts for 15% of the whole course, which can be completed individually or in groups. Assignment 4 is the exam, which is 60% of the class.

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