DATA4900 Innovation and Creativity in Business Analytics - business, group assignments, essays, writing, reports

DATA4900 is a course for Kaplan Business School master, the full name is Innovation and Creativity in Business Analytics.

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MRKT2005 Service Marketing Course Content Analysis-Ghostwriting, Tests, Assignments, Papers

MRKT2005 is a course of Southern Cross University, the full name is Service Marketing, and it is a marketing course.

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ACCT3625 ESG Reporting and Enterprise Value Creation – online quiz, seminar, case analysis, report

If you do not have time to attend the Seminar and complete the case study PPT and video presentation tasks, it is better to contact the GPA Expert customer center. We will provide professional services for you to select!

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BAFI3178 Portfolio Management – writing, report, group work, video presentation

BAFI3178 is a professional course that students need to take seriously. In GPA Expert, you can find tips for the report, the guidance scheme for group cooperation, and the guidance scheme for video presentations. Welcome to consult!

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152.203 Business and Society - writing, note, presentation, test

152.203 As an undergraduate course at Massey University, Business and Society is of limited difficulty. Students need to understand and grasp the relationship between business and society, especially corporate social responsibility. Want more help? Please contact GPA Expert customer service.

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BUSM4689 Political Economy of Global Business – writing, case analysis, essay, group task

BUSM4689 Political Economy of Global Business, a course set up by RMIT for undergraduates majoring in International business, is of certain difficulty. Group tips can be found in GPA Expert, you can also find essay and argumentative writing tips, and contact the customer service center to get your personal discount!

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LAW2450 Company and Finance Law – writing, quiz, video presentation, suggestion letter

LAW2450 Company and Finance Law is a course designed for undergraduate students at RMIT. The purpose of it is to improve students' ability to do independent inquiry. Students can also learn about the key corporate and financial law principles involved in creating, operating,

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MMM308 Course Content Analysis – writing, group report, individual reflection, video pitch

MMM308 is a compulsory course for management majors at Deakin University, which needs to be paid enough attention to by students because it will help them understand their future career orientation and improve their management skills through effective efforts.

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BUSM4504 Professional HR Practices – writing, sample, essay, presentation, report

By completing BUSM4504 students can analyze and compare international human resources professional standards and evaluate their application in organizations, demonstrating expertise in tools, tactics, and strategies that can be used to achieve conflict resolution.

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MGT501 Business Environment – writing, reflection, case analysis, video presentation

​As the foundation subject of the MBA at Torrens Uni, MGT501 deserves considerable attention. For ghostwriting and other related services, be free to contact GPA Expert customer service center.

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BUSM4472 Honours Thesis in Context – writing, sample, report, presentation

The theoretical knowledge of this course focuses on learning and mastering the concepts, requirements and principles of financial accounting to support relevant business decisions. If the basic knowledge is weak, you can find a professional private lecturer in the GPA Expert

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MAA215 Client Behaviour and Decision Making – writing, video presentation, conflict case, reflection

MAA215 Customer Behavior and Decision Making is a Torrance University subject. Based on MAA255 and other previous courses, it provides students with an in-depth understanding of the needs of

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MAA250 Ethics for Financial Professionals – sample, interview, case analysis, reflection

MAA250 is one of the required courses for Deakin uni finance majors. The full name of the subject is Ethics for Financial Professionals.

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How to do well in Presentation assignment? - assignment, lecture, case study

Presentation is one of the most difficult assignments in all subjects. Many people are so nervous that they stumble before making a presentation.

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22522 Assurance Services and Audit – writing, case, quiz, communication skills

22522 Assurance Services and Audit is one of the major courses at UTS. It introduces the history and origin of audit and the practice of contemporary audit. The entire process of

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MATH2201 Basic Statistical Methodologies – writing, report, case, quiz, presentation

MATH2201 Basic Statistical Methodologies is taught at RMIT. This course consists of four assignments: Assignment 1 is an Individual draft report

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HTL302 Revenue Management – writing, case analysis, quiz, presentation

HTL302 Revenue Management is a course in Torrance University. The evaluation of HTL302 is divided into 3 assignments: Assignment 1 is a Case Study Analysis.

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ACCT1056 Auditing – writing, presentation, case study, group work design, auditing report

ACCT1056 Auditing is an auditing course with 3 assignments: Assignment 1 is an in-class presentation, Assignment 2 is a group assignment, and Assignment 3 is an individual audit report. Taking this course provides students

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MGT604 Strategic Management - writing case draft case

MGT604 Strategic Management is a basic business course. It is to create value for stakeholders by managing the strategic resources of an organization, which aims

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How to do well in Presentation Assignments?

In order to get a high mark in Presentation Assignments, students should have a general understanding of the Assignments, which are generally aimed at the presentation of the research process

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21214 Business and Social Impact - Writing, case, group discussion, individual report

21214 Business and Social Impact is a course in UTS Business. Through the study of this course, students will explore the changes made by enterprises due to social and environmental changes from multiple perspectives

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MKT600 Marketing – writing, marketing plan design, video presentation recording

This course focuses on how to develop a Marketing strategy, apply the elements of a Marketing strategy mix to develop and sustain a market orientation, and evaluate the performance of an organization against ethically and socially acceptable business practices.

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ACC321 Communication Internship B: Career Development – writing assignment case speech video

ACC321 Communication Internship B: Career Development. This course is about you and your career development because you have built up your internship experience.

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BUSM4688 Cross Cultural Management – writing case report project design

BUSM4688 Cross Cultural Management consists of three assessments. Assessment 1 is Team Consultancy Project. Assessment 2 is the Team report. Assessment 3 is Individual Assignment.

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COMM2810 Story and Place in Media – writing case proposal blog

COMM2810 Story and Place in Media is the foundation course for the Communication program at RMIT.

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MMM241 Entrepreneurship and Innovation – writing report case assessment

MMM241 Entrepreneurship and Innovation is one of the required courses for DKU management. This course focuses on cultivating entrepreneurial and innovative thinking, using and applying innovative ideas to produce positive economic, social, or environmental changes in all types of organizations and environments.

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BUSM4163 Business Consulting – writing case assessment report

BUSM4163 Business Consulting is one of the major Business courses. This course consists of 3 Assessment assignments, which are: Individual self-reflection Report, Group-work, and Final Report.

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MGMT5800 Technology, Management and Innovation – writing assessment report

MGMT5800 Technology, Management and Innovation consists of four assessments. Assessment 1 is an Online Quiz, Assessment 2 is a case analysis, and Assessment 3 is an Individual Report. Assessment 4 is individual attendance and class discussion.

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OENG1167 Engineering Capstone Project Part A – writing case report assessment

OENG1167 is Part A of the Engineering Capstone Project. The Assessment of this course consists of four assessments: Assessment 1 is a Project proposal and Risk Assessment; Assessment 2 is a Progress Report. Assessment 3 is the COB Report; Assessment 4 is Professional practice, contribution and presentation.

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BUSM2453 Developing Professionally - writing case assessment self-efficacy

BUSM2453 Developing Professionally mainly tells us that we need to develop in the direction of professionalization, it is the basis of you in business.

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