MAE203 The Global Economy

MAE203 is a compulsory course in Deakin economics, this course focuses on studying the Australian economic system in the world economy, and identifying and evaluating current macroeconomic issues and policies. There are 2 assignments and an exam in this course.

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LAW2497 Business Law - Law, Business, Exams, Case Studies

This course explores the process of enacting, interpreting and applying laws, including tort law, contract law and consumer law, with an emphasis on the practical application of these laws in business. Understanding the law is at the heart of running a successful business, as failure to comply can result in a business being sued.

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ISYS3314 Business Information Systems (Associate Degree) Course Introduction - Closed Book, Test, Design, Canvas

Designed to develop students' ability to use business analysis tools and models built on a range of techniques to enhance students' understanding of problems, decision quality and the innovative design of usable systems.

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Introduction to risk management -Masters, Business, Mathematics, Final Exam, Monish, Financial Derivatives

This course has always been a required course for majors of Master of business, but in recent years it has also been recommended as an elective course by many other business schools. In previous years, there was a big controversy in this course, although the name is called risk management, almost all of them are theoretical knowledge points, which makes many skilled and calculating students cry out of pain.

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MMK101 Marketing Fundamentals – Writing, Exam, Business, Marketing

MMK101 is one of the eight core courses of Deakin Business, which mainly explains the basic content of marketing.

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Exam Types for Final - Test Taker, Tutoring, Online, Final, Test

Today I would like to share with you, the current final forms, you can see which one your upcoming exam is.

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Managerial Accounting Course Analysis - Tests, Exams, Accounting, Final Exam, Group Work, Masters

Management Accounting(MA) is one of the required basic courses in accounting. The course focuses on the calculation of various costs within a company and the analysis of operational decisions. This course is required for the second semester of the Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) program and is also required for the first semester of the Master of Accounting program, although it may be taken as an elective for other business majors.

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Course selection strategy for international students-system, course change, course, writing, test

How to choose university courses? Afraid of taking difficult courses? How to avoid the courses that everyone thinks are difficult to learn?

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HSN211 Nutritional Physiology Course Introduction and Analysis-Nutrition, Deakin, Exam, Final

HSN211 Nutritional Physiology Nutritional Physiology, this course consists of four assessment assignments, including individual assignments, an Online multiple-choice test, a presentation of a literature review, and a final exam.

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FINS2643 Wealth Management and Client Engagement introduction – writing, mid-term test, final exam, blog

FINS2643 is one of the nine subjects applied for the FASEA Approved Degree at UNSW. GPA Expert has a professional team providing offline services for over 15 years, which can solve assignment problems easily and ensure the originality and privacy of the work.

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ENGG419 Advanced Fluid Mechanics introduction - writing, sample, exam, essay

ENGG419 requires some basic advanced mathematics assistance. GPA Expert has a professional team providing offline services for over 15 years,which can solve assignment problems easily and ensure the originality and privacy of the work.

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ACCT5908 Auditing and Assurance Services introduction – writing, sample, quiz, final exam

As a website corporation focusing on course guidance and agent service, GPA Expert has a professional team providing offline services for over 15 years, which can solve assignment problems easily and ensure the originality and privacy of the work. Welcome to consult!

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AHIS20018 Art, Market and Methods introductions – exercise, exam, research essay, sample

AHIS20018 requires serious study. The course requires at least 80% participation in tutorials, seminars and workshops. Whether it's a class engagement problem or an essay writing service, GPA Expert can help you solve it easily.

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ACCT3601 Global Financial Reporting and Analysis - discussion, report, sample, final test

ACCT3601 is a basic course in Accounting, the study of theoretical knowledge is more strict, but the overall assessment is not difficult, if you need relevant services, please consult GPA Expert customer service.

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ECON10004 Introductory Microeconomics – writing, individual report, final exam, sample

What should be noticed is that ECON10004 has high demands in personal language and math requirements abilities. Especially calculation questions, which need to be solved by using formulas. If you want to know the main knowledge points of the exam, please contact GPA Expert customer service.

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FINS5511 Corporate Finance – writing, quiz, final exam, sample

After our guidance and help, the average score of students in FINS5511 is 86. You can learn the key points of the online quiz from GPA Expert, and you can also find notes and explanations in the Final Exam here.

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ACCT5930 Financial Accounting – writing, quiz, practice set, final exam

ACCT5930 is a graduate course that explores the fundamentals of financial accounting, such as financial recording processes, systems design and internal controls, preparation of general statements, and analysis and interpretation of financial reports. Through the study of ACCT5930,

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ACCT5907 International Financial Statement Analysis - writing, quiz, report, final exam

ACCT5907 is a post-graduate course with an emphasis on accounting and financial analysis skills. Whether its exam tips or report writing tips, you can get help for GPA Expert.

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ACCT2285 Wealth Creation and Estate Planning - writing, samples, study report, final report

The purpose of ACCT2285 is to help students analyze a client's financial situation, identify estate planning needs, and then work with the appropriate professional to develop a solution. As such, it will cover different wealth creation theories and strategies, the attributes needed to

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MMM311 Global Mindset and Citizenship - quiz, essay, report, writing

MMM311, as a compulsory subject of People Management major in Deakin University, requires students to study it carefully. If you have difficulties in quiz, or do not know how to write essay or Final Report, you can consult GPA Expert for help.

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BFC5280 Institutional asset and liability management – writing, moodle quiz, sample, research mission

BFC5280, as a course set by Monash University for undergraduates, has strict requirements for theoretical mastery. Given the hurdle of existence, students are advised to prepare well and not fail

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22420 Accounting Standards and Regulations – writing, case analysis, report, group work

22420 Accounting Standards and Regulations is the foundation course of Accounting at the University of Technology Sydney. The subject provides

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BFC5280 Institutional asset and liability management – writing, case, quiz, final exam

BFC5280, as a required course for Master of Banking and Finance, used to be "famous" for its high failure rate. With the change of the teaching mode

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CITS3007 Secure Coding – writing, programing project, sample, exam

CITS3007 Secure Coding is a course in IT at the University of Western Australia (UWA). The evaluation of CITS3007

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22522 Assurance Services and Audit – writing, case, quiz, communication skills

22522 Assurance Services and Audit is one of the major courses at UTS. It introduces the history and origin of audit and the practice of contemporary audit. The entire process of

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MMM306 Global Strategy and International Management – writing, case, group work design, final exam

MMM306 Global Strategy and International Management is one of the required courses for the management major at Deakin Uni. This course

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MMH733 Ethics and Corporate Sustainability – writing, report, case, final exam

MMH733 Ethics and Corporate Sustainability is aimed to develop students' ability to analyze the complex ethical and political nature of management work and its impact on corporate sustainability;

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LAW2556 Civil and Criminal Issues in the Digital World – writing case essay exam

LAW2556 Civil and Criminal Issues in the Digital World provides you the opportunity to engage with current legal issues in the digital business environment. You will understand and critique issues relating to

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BAFI3261 Global Financial Markets and Institutions – writing report case group project design

BAFI3261 is Global Financial Markets and Institutions, which stands for Global Financial Markets and Institutions. The Assessment for this course is made up of three assessments. Assessment 1 is the take-home mid-term Test; Assessment 2 is Group Project; Assessment 3 is the Individual Assessment.

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BUA4002 Introduction to Accounting and Finance – writing case quiz

BUA4002 Introduction to Accounting and Finance is a comprehensive course in finance and accounting. Assessment 1 is Weekly Quiz, Assessment 2 is personal homework, Assessment 3 is the mid-term Exam, and Assessment 4 is the Final Exam.

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