ACR305 Crime, Terrorism and Security Course Content Analysis - Writing, Reporting, Speech, Ghostwriting, Exam

ACR305 is an elective course for the business department of Deakin University, the full name is Crime, Terrorism and Security. This course provides an introduction to the broad topic of terrorism.

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ACCT3625 ESG Reporting and Enterprise Value Creation – online quiz, seminar, case analysis, report

If you do not have time to attend the Seminar and complete the case study PPT and video presentation tasks, it is better to contact the GPA Expert customer center. We will provide professional services for you to select!

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BAFI3178 Portfolio Management – writing, report, group work, video presentation

BAFI3178 is a professional course that students need to take seriously. In GPA Expert, you can find tips for the report, the guidance scheme for group cooperation, and the guidance scheme for video presentations. Welcome to consult!

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BETH5203 Public Health Ethics - writing, case, study, test

BETH5203 Public Health Ethics is a Master's program in Biostatistics at the University of Sydney. Through the study of BETH5203, students can have a better understanding of public health policy, practical bas

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152.203 Business and Society - writing, note, presentation, test

152.203 As an undergraduate course at Massey University, Business and Society is of limited difficulty. Students need to understand and grasp the relationship between business and society, especially corporate social responsibility. Want more help? Please contact GPA Expert customer service.

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BUSM4689 Political Economy of Global Business – writing, case analysis, essay, group task

BUSM4689 Political Economy of Global Business, a course set up by RMIT for undergraduates majoring in International business, is of certain difficulty. Group tips can be found in GPA Expert, you can also find essay and argumentative writing tips, and contact the customer service center to get your personal discount!

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MMM308 Course Content Analysis – writing, group report, individual reflection, video pitch

MMM308 is a compulsory course for management majors at Deakin University, which needs to be paid enough attention to by students because it will help them understand their future career orientation and improve their management skills through effective efforts.

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BUSM4473 Honours Thesis in Practice – writing, sample, report, ppt making

BUSM4473 is a relatively simple course in class. Its focus is to cultivate students' innovative thinking and skills. For more services, please click GPA Expert.

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MAF302 Corporate Finance – writing, sample, report, analysis

MAF302 Corporate Finance, as a compulsory course for undergraduate students, has a relatively strict inspection process. Especially

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25575 Investment Banking – writing, sample, ppt presentation, online quiz

25575 Investment Banking is one of the major courses in Finance at the University of Technology Sydney. The subject presents, in an accessible way, an introduction to the literature on recent developments in the services

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How to do well in Presentation Assignments?

In order to get a high mark in Presentation Assignments, students should have a general understanding of the Assignments, which are generally aimed at the presentation of the research process

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How to use Harvard Format references correctly?

You should check and correct it by yourself while writing the reference. Of course, you can also use some automatic output tools for reference, but you should never fabricate the reference. Otherwise, it may be suspected of academic fraud. If you have requirements on Essay writing or Reference generation, you can contact GPA Expert

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OMGT2243 Global Trade Operations - writing case assessment

OMGT2243 Global Trade Operations is one of the main courses of International Economic and Trade major. There are 3 assessments for this course:

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MPRO6000L Introduction to project Management - assessment writing ppt making

The average score of the course MPRO6000L after guidance is 85 points. As for the recording of the lecture video, you can learn the key points of the score from GPA Expert,

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MMM132 Management - writing assessment ppt making report

MMM132 (full name Management) is a freshman management course at Deakin University, which develops students' critical understanding of the basic learning of management. By considering globalization, ethics, social responsibility, and the social and cultural context of management, MMM132 will explore how management practices and the external environment interact and how solutions to management 'problems' are developed throughout the 19th and 20th centuries under different conditions.

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