BUSM3052 Organisational Learning and Development introduction - report, presentation, case, final exam

After our careful guidance, the average score of students in BUSM3052 is 88 points. You can log on GPA Expert to see the scoring points and knowledge points of previous assignments and exams. You can also seek professional help through GPA Expert to ensure excellent grades.

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BUS305 Ethical Business Management - case report debate essay

As a hospitality management course at Torrens University, BUS305 is of moderate difficulty. GPA Expert has a wealth of resources that can not only guide you to complete group tasks, but also provide you with advice and tips for writing case study reports and reflective essays.

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BUSM7007 Business Communication Skills - sample, summary, review, report

As a business course, BUSM7007 has some theoretical depth, and it focuses more on the examination of critical thinking. Students are advised to consult GPA Expert. In GPA Expert, the notes for the report, the video presentation and reflection, the scoring points of the Review,

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BUSM4689 Political Economy of Global Business – writing, case analysis, essay, group task

BUSM4689 Political Economy of Global Business, a course set up by RMIT for undergraduates majoring in International business, is of certain difficulty. Group tips can be found in GPA Expert, you can also find essay and argumentative writing tips, and contact the customer service center to get your personal discount!

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BUSM4504 Professional HR Practices – writing, sample, essay, presentation, report

By completing BUSM4504 students can analyze and compare international human resources professional standards and evaluate their application in organizations, demonstrating expertise in tools, tactics, and strategies that can be used to achieve conflict resolution.

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BUSM2518 Leading in the Age of Digital Disruption – writing, individual report, analysis report, sample

BUSM2518 Leading in the Age of Digital Disruption is one of the graduate professional courses at RMIT. Before learning this course, students need to learn its basic courses such as BUSM1530 Leadership and Management or BUSM4810 Analytics Strategy and Change.

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BUSM4473 Honours Thesis in Practice – writing, sample, report, ppt making

BUSM4473 is a relatively simple course in class. Its focus is to cultivate students' innovative thinking and skills. For more services, please click GPA Expert.

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BUSM4472 Honours Thesis in Context – writing, sample, report, presentation

The theoretical knowledge of this course focuses on learning and mastering the concepts, requirements and principles of financial accounting to support relevant business decisions. If the basic knowledge is weak, you can find a professional private lecturer in the GPA Expert

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BUSM1202 Managing Change – writing, brief, sample, report, interview

As a basic course set up by RMIT for undergraduate students, BUSM1202 is not difficult to study, mainly to investigate theoretical knowledge and its application. GPA Expert includes a detailed explanation of

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BUSM4417 Project Financial Management and Appraisal – writing, project study, case, assignment

BUSM4417 will deepen students' understanding of project costing and enhance students' ability to work on project case

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BUSM4413 Strategic Project Delivery – writing, case, study, analytics

BUSM4413 Strategic Project Delivery, or Strategic Project Delivery, is a postgraduate subject at RMIT. The evaluation of BUSM4413 is composed of 3 assignments: Assignment 1

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BUSM4177 Leadership – writing, assignment, case study, plan

BUSM4177 Leadership is one of RMIT's business courses. This course consists of 3 assignments:

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BUSM4651 Contemporary Management: Issues and Challenges – writing, report, case, group-work design

BUSM4651 provides an opportunity for students to discuss and apply the relevant theoretical knowledge they have learned. It will improve students' communication skills by assessing

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BUSM3122 Work, Health, Safety &Wellbeing – blog writing, poster design, case, individual analys

BUSM3122 Work, Health, Safety &Wellbeing is an elective course. Although this course has a lot of workloads, compared with the main professional courses, the Assignment is easier to complete.

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BUSM4688 Cross Cultural Management – writing case report project design

BUSM4688 Cross Cultural Management consists of three assessments. Assessment 1 is Team Consultancy Project. Assessment 2 is the Team report. Assessment 3 is Individual Assignment.

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BUSM4163 Business Consulting – writing case assessment report

BUSM4163 Business Consulting is one of the major Business courses. This course consists of 3 Assessment assignments, which are: Individual self-reflection Report, Group-work, and Final Report.

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BUSM3243 Business and Economic Analysis - writing case assessment lecture

Business and Economic Analysis is an introduction course to Business and Economic statistics.

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BUSM1137 Human Resource Development - writing case assessment report

HRD, which is short for Human Resource Development, has developed a unique body of knowledge suited to its purpose though three different steps

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BUSM2453 Developing Professionally - writing case assessment self-efficacy

BUSM2453 Developing Professionally mainly tells us that we need to develop in the direction of professionalization, it is the basis of you in business.

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BUSM2577 Integrated Perspectives on Business Problems - writer writing sample

Course BUSM2577 mainly describes Integrated Perspectives on Business Problems. The purpose of this course is understanding the concept of business problems; analyzing external factors affecting a business problem; applying PESTLE analysis and understanding stakeholders’ view of the company.

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BUSM2547 Global Business Sustainability - writing case assessment pitch

BUSM2547 is the Global Business Sustainability Project.

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BUSM3149 Supply Chain Management - writing discussion case report

BUSM3149 consists of four assessments: The first assessment consists of four assessments: the first is to participate in class activities; the second is a personal assignment; the third is a report on supply chain technology; and the last is an individual case study report. 

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BUSM1222 Global Business - writing assessment argument report

BUSM1222 consists of three assessments, the first of which is to write a review of an academic global business journal article. The second Assessment 2 is to write a written analysis and reflection. The last Assessment 3 is a personal paper.

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BUSM1094 Organisations - writing assessment case report

Organizational analysis involves the study and application of various methods for analyzing organizations. This course provides you with an interdisciplinary set of organizational analysis tools and supports you in using these tools to explore organizations, diagnose real world organizational problems, and design responsible solutions. Through this process, organizational analysis develops your analytical and critical reasoning skills -- essential skills for future managers.

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BUSM3125 Strategy - writing assessment analysis report

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