22420 Accounting Standards and Regulations – writing, case analysis, report, group work

22420 Accounting Standards and Regulations is the foundation course of Accounting at the University of Technology Sydney. The subject provides

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ACCT2228 Financial Accounting – writing, case, quiz, analysis

ACCT2228 Financial Accounting is one of RMIT's foundation courses in Accounting. This course guides students to understand and master the accounting requirements, concepts

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What is ACCA?

hose who study Accounting in Australia are all familiar with ACCA, which is very different from the domestic CPA. ACCA has great authority in the world,

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ACCT1056 Auditing – writing, presentation, case study, group work design, auditing report

ACCT1056 Auditing is an auditing course with 3 assignments: Assignment 1 is an in-class presentation, Assignment 2 is a group assignment, and Assignment 3 is an individual audit report. Taking this course provides students

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BUA4002 Introduction to Accounting and Finance – writing case quiz

BUA4002 Introduction to Accounting and Finance is a comprehensive course in finance and accounting. Assessment 1 is Weekly Quiz, Assessment 2 is personal homework, Assessment 3 is the mid-term Exam, and Assessment 4 is the Final Exam.

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ACCT2213 Accounting in Organizations and Society - writing assessment case report

ACCT2213 is Accounting in Organizations and Society. It is one of the main courses in Accounting. The Assessment of ACCT2213 consists of three assessments.

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ACCT2033 Financial Accounting and Analysis - writing case report

ACCT2033 Financial Accounting and Analysis is one of the main courses in Accounting. There are three assessments in this course:

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ACCT1081 Professional Values, Ethics & Attitudes - assessment case writing sample

ACCT1081 is a course that provides you with basic understanding of values, ethics, and attitudes in business practice. The course was introduced through real cases and explanation of definitions, which bonds theory and practice tightly. In order to learn this lesson well, you have to accumulate many cases and do some in-depth research.

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ACCT1048 Financial Accountability and Reporting - assessment writing report

ACCT1048 Financial Accountability and Reporting is a required core course for the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and Bachelor of Business (Professional Accounting) degrees. This course includes a work Integrated Learning (WIL) experience, in which students' knowledge and skills are applied and assessed in a real or simulated work environment.

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ACCT1064 Cost Analysis and Organisational Decisions - assessment writing case

ACCT1064 is about Cost Analysis and Organizational Decisions. ACCT1064 has three assessments:

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ACCT1060 Managerial Advisory Finance - writing case sample

ACCT1060 focuses on your basic knowledge of Accounting, Management, Project Management and Finance.

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ACCT1046 Accounting in Organisations and Society - writing assessment case report

Accounting in organisations and society Business Accounting is a core business accounting course for business degree students in which you will gain insight into the meaning and role of accounting and accountants in the context of people, organisations, and the changing and interconnected world in which we live. Understand the pervasive and transformative role of accounting as a driver of social practise and organization. You can complete projects and take the course through case studies, tests,

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ACCT1014 Accounting, Behaviour and Organisations - writing assessment case report

ACCT1014_Accounting, Behaviour, and Organizations. This course focuses on management accounting tools and techniques, their application in different organisational environments, and how to set up formal management accounting systems.

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ACCT1028 Strategic Management and Leadership - test group-work writing project

There are three tests in ACCT1028. The first task consists of two separate online exercises: a test and a simulation. The second assignment is a team project. Writing a business project and personal reflection are the two sections of the final assessment.

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BACC011 Business Accounting - writing assessment case report

With a focus on the types of liability that the majority of business students will use in their careers, this course gives students a user perspective on accounting information. It highlights the crucial role of accounting in corporate and social decision-making through the lens of accountability.

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