MKTG1419 Social Media and Mobile Marketing – writing, sample, analysis, group-work

MKTG1419 Social Media and Mobile Marketing, Social Media and Mobile Marketing. It is a specialized course in the Media Studies program at RMIT.

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MCD6050 Communications and Society – writing, assessment, essay, case

Today, communication technology determines what people can say, what they cannot say and what they must say. The same principle applies to the movies and TV shows that people watch, the music that people listen to, the podcasts and radio that people listen to, the newspapers and books that people read

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COMM2810 Story and Place in Media – writing case proposal blog

COMM2810 Story and Place in Media is the foundation course for the Communication program at RMIT.

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ALM201 Gamified Media - writing assessment case project design

ALM201 enables you to explore and experience the application of game design elements in a variety of non-game contexts. In ALM201, you will create online content individually and collaboratively, and actively interact with your fellow students across different digital platforms.

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