MPRO6000L Introduction to project Management - assessment writing ppt making

The average score of the course MPRO6000L after guidance is 85 points. As for the recording of the lecture video, you can learn the key points of the score from GPA Expert,

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BUSM2547 Global Business Sustainability - writing case assessment pitch

BUSM2547 is the Global Business Sustainability Project.

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ACCT1046 Accounting in Organisations and Society - writing assessment case report

Accounting in organisations and society Business Accounting is a core business accounting course for business degree students in which you will gain insight into the meaning and role of accounting and accountants in the context of people, organisations, and the changing and interconnected world in which we live. Understand the pervasive and transformative role of accounting as a driver of social practise and organization. You can complete projects and take the course through case studies, tests,

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MMM132 Management - writing assessment ppt making report

MMM132 (full name Management) is a freshman management course at Deakin University, which develops students' critical understanding of the basic learning of management. By considering globalization, ethics, social responsibility, and the social and cultural context of management, MMM132 will explore how management practices and the external environment interact and how solutions to management 'problems' are developed throughout the 19th and 20th centuries under different conditions.

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MMK101 Marketing Fundamentals - writing report sample

Marketing is the most dynamic area of business and the glue that holds organizations together – it connects organizations with the world, and opens up new and exciting job opportunities.

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MLC101 Basic Concept and Purpose of Commercial Law - writing assessment case analysis

The MLC101 provides the underlying concepts and purpose of commercial law. MLC101 covers the Australian legal system, the law relating to contract, business relationships and negligence.

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MIS171 Business Analytics - writing assessment report

The digital revolution has changed the practice of business. Data to support business decisions are growing exponentially and becoming increasingly difficult to understand and use.

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MGT603 Systems Thinking - writing assessment case report

MGT603 (full name MGT603 Systems Thinking) builds on systems theory and introduces students to a holistic view of the organisation and the broader ecosystem it operates in. It also introduces students to the basic principles of operations management in the context of Systems Thinking. Students will be exposed to Systems Thinking tools to diagnose and propose innovative solutions to contemporary business issues. For detailed subject information .

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ECON1086 Business in globalised economy - writing assessment case

ECON1086, full name as Business in a Globalised Economy, is a basic course in RMIT university, which mainly checking the relevant theories, models, your abilities to make diagrams, analyze issues and collect data.

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ECON1020 Prices and Market - assignment sample report writer

ECON1020, Prices and Market, is a basic course relevant to microeconomic in RMIT university, mainly testing your learning to use appropriate models and theories to analyse specific issues. Contact GPAExpert for more details.

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ALM201 Gamified Media - writing assessment case project design

ALM201 enables you to explore and experience the application of game design elements in a variety of non-game contexts. In ALM201, you will create online content individually and collaboratively, and actively interact with your fellow students across different digital platforms.

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LAW2453 Taxation 1 - writing assessment case examine

LAW2453 consists of three assessments. The first Assessment 1 is an online Assessment, the second Assessment 2 is also an online Assessment, and the last Assessment 3 is a final Assessment, the final exam.

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COSC1076 Advanced Programming Techniques - writing assessment group work programming ass

The course of COSC1076 consists of three assessments: the first is an introductory assignment on the use of C++, the second is a group project, and the last is about solving computer programming problems. 

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BUSM3149 Supply Chain Management - writing discussion case report

BUSM3149 consists of four assessments: The first assessment consists of four assessments: the first is to participate in class activities; the second is a personal assignment; the third is a report on supply chain technology; and the last is an individual case study report. 

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BUSM1222 Global Business - writing assessment argument report

BUSM1222 consists of three assessments, the first of which is to write a review of an academic global business journal article. The second Assessment 2 is to write a written analysis and reflection. The last Assessment 3 is a personal paper.

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ACCT1014 Accounting, Behaviour and Organisations - writing assessment case report

ACCT1014_Accounting, Behaviour, and Organizations. This course focuses on management accounting tools and techniques, their application in different organisational environments, and how to set up formal management accounting systems.

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The reference format is the same as in an English essay.

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MMK101 Marketing Fundamentals - writing assessment case report final exam

The Marketing 101 course, one of DKU's basic business courses, examines how for-profit and nonprofit organisations can create value for end and business users while extracting value from customers. This course consists of three assessments: two marketing reports and one final exam.

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MKTG1025 Marketing Principles - writing assessment group work case

The assessment for MKTG1025 consists of three assessments: the first is the online exam; the second is the group assignment; and the last is the individual assessment of 2500 words.

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ACC100 Communication in Everyday Life - writing assessment case

It demonstrates how your use of private, work-related, and public media can converge in digital environments and "communication in everyday life" practises. Communication in everyday life offers skills and methods to understand and influence communication practises around you.

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ISYS1118 Software Engineering Fundamentals - writing assessment case test

SYS1118 is a Software Engineering Fundamentals course that covers the Fundamentals of Software Engineering, architecture, design, and the use of processing software.

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BAFI1042 Equity Investment and Portfolio Management - writing assessment report test

Three assessments make up BAFI1042. The first Assessment 1 is an online midterm exam, and the second Assessment 2 is a group assignment that requires you to write a report about a company's valuation. The personal report, or stock portfolio management report, is the final assessment 3.

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ACCT1028 Strategic Management and Leadership - test group-work writing project

There are three tests in ACCT1028. The first task consists of two separate online exercises: a test and a simulation. The second assignment is a team project. Writing a business project and personal reflection are the two sections of the final assessment.

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ISYS2056 Business Information Systems - writing assessment group-work report

ISYS2056 Business Information Systems, an introductory course in information processing at RMIT, teaches students how to use simple information processing software and how to use information systems in real-world business situations.

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MMH349 Employment Relations - writing assessment case report

Hello, everyone. I work for GPAExpert as an overseas study assistant. This time, I'd like to introduce you to MMH349 Employment Relations. One of the professional Human Resources courses at Deakin University, MMH356, is quite challenging. One assessment and one final exam are included in this course.

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BACC011 Business Accounting - writing assessment case report

With a focus on the types of liability that the majority of business students will use in their careers, this course gives students a user perspective on accounting information. It highlights the crucial role of accounting in corporate and social decision-making through the lens of accountability.

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MMH230 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management - writing assessment case

Hi, everyone. I'm GPAExpert's overseas study assistant. This course is MMH230-Fundamentals of Human Resource Management. This assessment task of MMH230 provides you with an opportunity to embed your learning from this unit by researching contemporary issues related to strategic Human resource Management (SHRM) and analysing it using theory, empirical research evidence and other authoritative sources. This topic is not only an academic exercise, but also provides an opportunity to consider the

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BUSM1094 Organisations - writing assessment case report

Organizational analysis involves the study and application of various methods for analyzing organizations. This course provides you with an interdisciplinary set of organizational analysis tools and supports you in using these tools to explore organizations, diagnose real world organizational problems, and design responsible solutions. Through this process, organizational analysis develops your analytical and critical reasoning skills -- essential skills for future managers.

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MKTG1045 Market Research - writing assessment research project report

MKTG1045 consists of three assessments. The first Assessment is an Online quiz with multiple choice questions. The second Assessment, Assessment 2, was a Market Research Project, a group assignment, and the last Assessment, Assessment 3, was a Consulting Report.

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MKTG1080 Applied Brand Management - writing assessment case report

MKTG1080 consists of three assessments. The first Assessment is a written report of a group and the second Assessment is audio-visual Submission. The last Assessment 3 was a personal assignment, a brand case study.

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