MAE101B Economic Principles - writing assessment case

经济学 是研究人们,企业和社会如何在稀缺条件下做出选择。 稀缺 性意味着社会资源有限,因此无法生产人们想要的所有商品和服务。

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MAE101A Economic Principles - writing assessment case

经济学 是研究人们,企业和社会如何在稀缺条件下做出选择。

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MAE256 B Analytical Methods In Economics And Finance - writing assessment case


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MAE256 A Analytical Methods In Economics And Finance - writing assessment case

随机变量、概率分布、回归分析、金融和经济领域应用方法及模型,之前这门课叫 MAE356/MAF356,主要为毕业生提供定量分析技能。

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ECON1042 Macroeconomics 2 - report writing analysis

ECON1042 consists of three parts. The first part is Assessment 1, which is to write a summary report of the state of the country, the second part is Assessment 2, which is to write a technical appendix of the state report, and the last part is Assessment3, which is critical event and policy analysis.

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ECON1030 Business Statistics - quiz group-work writing case

There are three assessments for EC1030. The first Assessment is an online quiz, the second Assessment is a report that requires two or three people in a group to complete together, and the last Assessment is an individual writing task.

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ECON1020 Prices and Market - writing assessment report case study

Assessment 1 is an online multiple choice quiz, Assessment 2 is a microeconomic analysis report of 1500 words, and Assessment 3 is microeconomic case analysis and problem-solving.

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MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance - writing assessment report case

MAF101 consists of three assessments: the first one is an online quiz, the second one is a 4000 word group writing task, and the last one is a closed exam of 2hours.

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MMH701 Human Resource Strategy - writing assessment case report

This course is about human resource management experience, about the potential of human resource strategies to improve organizational and employee outcomes. Learn the theory behind human resource strategy and how to effectively implement human resource strategy through human resource systems and practices in a dynamic work environment. We will discuss the many challenges faced by human resource managers, learning practical examples and solutions V

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ISYS3314 Business Information Systems - writing assessment analysis test


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BUSM3125 Strategy - writing assessment analysis report

Welcome to GPA, which is the world's most professional college homework repository, with the world's top faculty and resources!

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MMH356 Change Management - writing assessment case

Hello, everyone. I am the assistant of GPA. The course I introduce is MMH356 Change Management. MMH356, as one of the management courses of Deakin Uni, is quite difficult. This course includes two assessments and a final exam.

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MIS171 Business Analytics - writing assessment report

Hello, everyone. I am GAP assistant. This course is MIS171 Business Analytics. As one of Deakin's eight basic core courses, MIS171 is above average in difficulty among the eight basic courses. This course consists of three assessments, with a focus on data analysis.

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MAA103 Accounting For Decision Making - writing assessment case

There are four assessments in MAA103, of which assignment 1 accounts for 15% of the whole course, individual writing task, assignment 2 accounts for 10% of the whole course, which is also an individual task, and Assignment 3 accounts for 15% of the whole course, which can be completed individually or in groups. Assignment 4 is the exam, which is 60% of the class.

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MAF308 Derivative and Fixed Income Securities - quiz report case

MAF308 consists of three assessments, the first is an online test (MCQ quiz), the second is a personal report, and the Final exam. Prerequisites: MAF101 and MAF203

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MAF307 Equities and Investment Analysis - online quiz stock investment report final exam

MAF307 is a stock and investment analysis course consisting of four assessments. Ass1 is an online MCQ test, Ass2 is a simulation of stock investment and reflection, Ass3 is a group task to write an equity research report, and FINALLY Ass4 is the Final exam.

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MAF306 International Finance and Investment - quiz writing group-work test

The course OF MAF306 consists of three assessments. The first Assessment 1 consists of group work and individual work. The group work is a business report, and the individual work is a written reflection report. The final Assessment 3 is a closed-book exam.

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Review the Assignment

Several key elements of audit operations and audit documents

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How do new students choose courses? Master course selection skills and you will get twice the result

Problems to be considered in course selection, such as clear course selection and reasonable arrangement of course order before course selection, how to choose classes and how to solve conflicts, how to check teachers and change courses after course selection.

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MGMT5050 Professional Skills and Ethics - writing assignment case report

MGMT5050 consists of three assessments, the first is to write personal memo, the second is to write a report of 1700 words, and the last is a weekly reflection.

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OART1053 Applied Communication Design - writing assessment design case

Welcome to Gphelpers, the world's most professional homework assistance platform, happy to provide you with the best quality ghostwriting service! Assessment 1 Identity Brief assignment for OART1053 covers 1 to 5 weeks of course content (30%) and requires 1 PDF digital Development document, 1 LOGO design in PDF format, and 1 AI working document

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