MGT607 Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship - writing, plan, report, sample

The assessment method of MGT607 is biased towards the examination of individual ability. If the theoretical basis is weak, it is easy to be exposed in the report, plan, log, and video presentation. It is recommended to take a tutoring course to help you understand the theoretical knowledge, or to seek professional services directly for GPA Expert.

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BAFI1065 Fixed Income Securities and Credit Analysis - writing, test, project,analysis

The course requires students not only to master knowledge points, but also to master the calculation formula of excel and understand the basic skills of accounting. If you are lacking in accounting calculation or need help, click GPA Expert to find a professional teacher to teach BAFI1065. If you have difficulty in completing the assignment, you can contact GPA Expert to help students complete it, we will provide the best service!

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MS1192 Design and Application of Materials in Science and Engineering - writing, test, report, sample

Although MS1192 is an introductory course, it has various forms of assessment and relatively basic contents. If you want to get a higher score, you are advised to contact the GPA Expert customer service center for help.

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How to write a report? - report writing, report writing guidance, report writing skill

The structure of a Report generally includes 7 parts: cover, table of contents, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Reference and appendix. Now let's introduce them in detail. Want to learn more? Please contact GPA Expert

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ATS2324 Climate Change Communication - writing, short essay, plan, reflection

As a course of Monash University, ATS2324 is highly difficult to assess. Students need to take Australia as a case to conduct research on the relationship between climate change and politics, economy, and media. Quiz guide, Short essay writing guide, and personal reflection help can be found in GPA Expert.

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ATS1119 Communicating in the digital era – writing, presentation, project, plan

Through the study of ATS1119, students begin to think about media technologies in new ways, solve ethical and legal dilemmas in the digital age, and develop ideas for the development of digital culture. For help, please contact GPA Expert Customer Service Center.

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MIS203 Micro-services Architecture Cloud and Web IS – quiz, case study, report, lecture

As a required course for IT majors at the University of Torrens, MIS203 is of medium difficulty, and it focuses more on the mastery of theoretical knowledge and practical application ability. If you need help, please consult GPA Expert. There are tips from the lecture, and also tips from the quiz and Report for your reference.

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How to optimize your Essay?

If you have any Essay writing or polishing needs, you can contact GPA Expert customer service center for help.

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ISYS3412 Practical Database Concepts - quiz, ER, SQL, programming, model

ISYS3412 will help students master the basic skills needed to design databases and explore SQL programming for querying and working with a variety of application databases. If there is a need for Database Design Project design, you can timely seek help from GPA Expert customer service.

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COSC2473 Introduction to Computer Systems - writing, Q&A, case analysis, programming

COSC2473, students will understand the important components and characteristics of different computer systems, and master the specific ways and methods of computer systems to support software platforms and applications. We have years of real questions and professional lecturers can easily solve the problems of questions, welcome to consult GPA Expert customer service.

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BETH5203 Public Health Ethics - writing, case, study, test

BETH5203 Public Health Ethics is a Master's program in Biostatistics at the University of Sydney. Through the study of BETH5203, students can have a better understanding of public health policy, practical bas

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ACCT2288 Financial Advisory Practice - case, study, writing, plan

The two SOA tasks account for most of the score, which is the key to get a high score. If you can't write SOA, you can consult GPA Expert customer service center, there will be professional teachers to help you complete the task.

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How to write a topic sentence in an essay? - writing, sample, reference

The ultimate purpose of a topic sentence is to integrate the whole paragraph into the logical structure of the whole essay so as to make the written Essay fluent, logical and clear, sufficiently demonstrated, and full of critical thinking. For more requirements, please consult GPA Expert.

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152.203 Business and Society - writing, note, presentation, test

152.203 As an undergraduate course at Massey University, Business and Society is of limited difficulty. Students need to understand and grasp the relationship between business and society, especially corporate social responsibility. Want more help? Please contact GPA Expert customer service.

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115116 Introduction to Marketing - writing, case, study, report

115116 Introduction to Marketing is a marketing course from Massey University Business School. This course introduces the fundamentals and theories of marketing. Through the analysis and practice of this course test, students can better grasp the relevant theoretical knowledge.

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BUSM4689 Political Economy of Global Business – writing, case analysis, essay, group task

BUSM4689 Political Economy of Global Business, a course set up by RMIT for undergraduates majoring in International business, is of certain difficulty. Group tips can be found in GPA Expert, you can also find essay and argumentative writing tips, and contact the customer service center to get your personal discount!

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115.211 Business Law – writing, test, case study, situation

115.211 Business Law is a commercial law course at Massey University in New Zealand. The evaluation of 115.211 is divided into 5 assignments.

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Introduction to Critical Thinking(Part B) - writing writen case

We have talked about the basic concept of Critical Thinking. Now we are going to introduce how to improve our critical thinking ability

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LAW2450 Company and Finance Law – writing, quiz, video presentation, suggestion letter

LAW2450 Company and Finance Law is a course designed for undergraduate students at RMIT. The purpose of it is to improve students' ability to do independent inquiry. Students can also learn about the key corporate and financial law principles involved in creating, operating,

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115111 Communication Theory and Practice – writing, essay, quiz, sample

115111 Communication Theory and Practice is an elective course at the University of New Zealand. There are four Ass assignments in this course.

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ECON10004 Introductory Microeconomics – writing, individual report, final exam, sample

What should be noticed is that ECON10004 has high demands in personal language and math requirements abilities. Especially calculation questions, which need to be solved by using formulas. If you want to know the main knowledge points of the exam, please contact GPA Expert customer service.

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MIS202 App, Web Design and Development – writing, programming, essay, sample

Its evaluation can be divided into three assignments. Since the previous assignment is the basis for the next one, the quality of the previous assignments should be ensured.

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Introduction to Critical Thinking(Part A) - Academic essay writing, Australia assessment, Coursework assignment

What is critical thinking? Critical thinking is essentially a kind of reasoning ability. It is formed by people's subjective impression when they are in contact with things,

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MARK3054 Marketing Analytics – writing, team project design, reflection, quiz

With our guidance and help, the average score of students in MARK3054 is 87. The key points of Group assignments can be learned from GPA Expert, and there are also notes and explanations for

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FINS5511 Corporate Finance – writing, quiz, final exam, sample

After our guidance and help, the average score of students in FINS5511 is 86. You can learn the key points of the online quiz from GPA Expert, and you can also find notes and explanations in the Final Exam here.

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ACCT5930 Financial Accounting – writing, quiz, practice set, final exam

ACCT5930 is a graduate course that explores the fundamentals of financial accounting, such as financial recording processes, systems design and internal controls, preparation of general statements, and analysis and interpretation of financial reports. Through the study of ACCT5930,

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ACCT5907 International Financial Statement Analysis - writing, quiz, report, final exam

ACCT5907 is a post-graduate course with an emphasis on accounting and financial analysis skills. Whether its exam tips or report writing tips, you can get help for GPA Expert.

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How to make a splendid Presentation?

Before making the Presentation, the speaker can read the manuscript several times to get familiar with the content of the presentation and relieve nervousness.

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ACCT2285 Wealth Creation and Estate Planning - writing, samples, study report, final report

The purpose of ACCT2285 is to help students analyze a client's financial situation, identify estate planning needs, and then work with the appropriate professional to develop a solution. As such, it will cover different wealth creation theories and strategies, the attributes needed to

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OMGT2155 Supply Chain Technologies - writing, business report, reflection, sample

The topic of OMGT2155 is the rationale behind the migration from a traditional supply chain to an electronic supply chain and the approach to implementing an electronic supply chain using existing technologies. Its curriculum theory knowledge

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