BUSM4688 Cross Cultural Management – writing case report project design

BUSM4688 Cross Cultural Management consists of three assessments. Assessment 1 is Team Consultancy Project. Assessment 2 is the Team report. Assessment 3 is Individual Assignment.

Assignment 1 is Team Consultancy Project. This evaluation is divided into two Sections: Section A Proposal Presentation and Section B Final Presentation. The required assessment time in Section A is 10-15 minutes (each student has 2-3 minutes of presentation time). This evaluation project accounts for 10%, and the Due date is in Week5 or Week6. Section B is 20 minutes long (each student has 4-5 minutes to speak). This evaluation project accounts for 20%, and the Due date is in Week11 or Week12. The above is an overview of Assignment 1. For more information, please contact GPA Expert.

Assignment 2 is a 2500-word Team Consultancy Project. The evaluation objectives of this task are as follows: 1. Have a deep understanding of cross-cultural management in the context of cross-cultural team cooperation. 2. Ability to identify, critically analyze and solve multicultural team problems. 3. Ability to work effectively in teams with different cultural backgrounds and solve team-level challenges. 4. Demonstrate effective and professional written communication about your research. This evaluation accounts for 40%, which is a very important part. The Due date is in Week12.

Assignment 3 is a 1200-word cross-cultural effectiveness development plan. Cross-cultural effectiveness development is an important personal skill because everyone works and develops in an interconnected world and increasingly diverse culture. The purpose of the task is to reflect on your own attitudes/behaviors: what you have learned from the course, from your interactions with peers during the semester, to identify areas of your personal development, and to develop an action plan to improve your cross-cultural efficacy in the future. This evaluation accounts for 30% of the total evaluation, and the Due date is in Week13. If you have any questions, please contact GPA Expert. You can choose a personal professional tutor special for you to explain BUSM4688.

After our guidance, the average score of BUSM4688 is 86 points. The key points of the Team Project can be learned at GPA Expert, the notes for attention and explanations of the presentation skills are also provided here. Students without basic knowledge can be recommended to consult in detail.





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