How to write a Conclusion of an essay ?

After finished the Result and Discussion part of an essay, the next step is to think about how to set up a conclusion for your essay. The selection of the conclusion part is equally important. An excellent conclusion written will play the role of finishing point to the whole essay, and if a good essay had a terrible conclusion, it would drag down the level of academic and logical rigor in the essay.

It is widely accepted that the conclusion part is the most difficult part in writing an essay. It is required to condense the core ideas expressed in your essay. It plays the role of summarizing the whole paper and sublimating the thesis. The conclusion written well will leave a deep impression on the reader. However, without a good conclusion, it can drag down the author's academic level.

So, before you write the conclusion module, you should sufficiently think over the following questions:

1. What do you want to tell the readers in the conclusion?

2. How do you reiterate your point in the conclusion?

3. In what way do you hope to enlighten the readers in your conclusion?

4. How is the logical structure in the conclusion organized?

5. In which way do you show your critical thinking?

Once you know the answers to these 5 questions, you can start your writing. Here are the "Do" and "Do not" tips for your writing.

"Do" tips

1. Concise language and clear expression;

2. On the basis of summarizing the full text, some new findings or viewpoints can be introduced appropriately;

3. Use official academic language and conform to English expression habits in language use;

4. By commenting on the essay, face up to the deficiencies in the essay, arouse the reader's reflection, and reflect the "critical thinking" of it.

5. The logical structure of the essay can be used in parallel or progressive style, with all the sentences echoing each other.

"Do not" tips

1. Avoid informal, colloquial expressions;

2. Do not use the limited space to introduce new findings or ideas that have never appeared in the text;

3. Don't simply repeat other parts, especially the introduction at the beginning;

4. Don't simply summarize the whole essay, which will not improve your thinking level.

5. The content structure logic is confused.

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