How to do well in Presentation Assignments?

No matter what he/she chooses to study abroad, Bachelor's degree or Master's degree, Presentation Assignments becomes a fresh method of assessment.


As this kind of assessment method is more flexible and different from the domestic teaching assessment method, many people get a headache the moment they mention it. Not to mention the "Dumb English" teaching method in China, which pays no attention to students' "speaking" ability. Therefore, it is difficult for freshmen to cope with assignments that require public speaking in English.


In order to get a high mark in Presentation Assignments, students should have a general understanding of the Assignments, which are generally aimed at the presentation of the research process and results of the project. Through the examination of students' academic ability, logical ability, and expression ability in the Assignments, the purpose of assessing students' comprehensive level is finally achieved. While preparing for Presentation Assignments, the following things should be done:


First of all, as the time of the Presentation is limited, he/she must grasp the key points. Presentation Assignments are usually time-limited, generally 5-10 minutes. He/She should summarize the content of the speech into several key points, rationally allocate the time and occupation of each point, and organize the language so that the transition between the points is natural and smooth.


In addition, auxiliary tools for Presentation Assignments are essential. Students can use tools such as PPT to present his/her speech points concisely and intuitively. Even if he/she forgets the words, he/she can quickly return to the topic, making the tutor feel that the speech has a clear point of view and excellent logical expression ability.


Finally, a proficient speech is inseparable from the students' diligent out-of-class practice and flexible use of speech skills. Through continuous practice to accumulate speech experience and speech skills, students can easily overcome the "obstacles" of Presentation Assignments.


What should be introduced next is the sharing of auxiliary tool application skills. (Any needs for a detailed explanation could log in to GPA Expert, or add GPA Expert customer service for more information.)


1.When designing the structure of Presentation Assignments, it can be established in the form of an outline or a mind map. It allows both tutors and students to fully understand the main content of Presentation Assignments.

2.While making a PPT, make sure that it is concise, the background format is simple and uniform, and do not pursue unconventional ideas too much. The content of the speech can attract the attention of the audience via the form of "keyword + analysis".


3. Attract the audience by adding diagrams, pictures, videos and other forms of presentation to the PPT to avoid boring words.


4. While doing Presentation Assignments, use speech skills flexibly, add body language and eye contact, and intersperse interactive questions with smooth speeches, so that tutors and students can participate in it unconsciously.


5. According to the requirements of different Presentation Assignments, students can flexibly join in personalized presentations, instead of being constrained by a formal academic style, which helps to make a deep impression on both tutors and students.


After reading this article, I hope everyone can gain something and achieve better results in Presentation Assignments. For detailed information and guidance, refer to GPA Expert. Contact us for more tips.