FIN600 Financial Management – writing case quiz report

FIN600 Financial Management is one of the major courses of the Torrens University MBA. This course is mainly to learn the relevant knowledge of financial management, and its assessment includes 5 quizzes and a Case Study Report. 


Assessment 1 consists of 5 Online Quizes, each of which accounts for 10%. It should be noted that each quiz has only 20 minutes of answering time, and each quiz has 10 multiple-choice questions. These five online quizzes will be available in weeks 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12, respectively. Students are required to answer for 20 minutes during the Online Quiz opening time. If the basic knowledge is weak for you but a high mark has to be needed, contact GPA Expert as soon as possible. There will be professional tutors to explain the basics of this course.  Guidance on answering strategies could be provided. 


Assessment 2 Case Study Report is an overall financial analysis of ASX-listed companies. Students should compare the financial position and performance of the last two financial years. Then students should summarise the data, results of the analysis, and comparison into a 3000-word report. The score for this report is 50%. It should be noted that students must use the company's annual report given by the tutor; otherwise, the assessment will fail. The case company provided by the tutor can be found in the announcement of the course. Due to the large proportion of scores in this report, whether a student can get a high score in this course depends on the score of the report. For detailed writing considerations for this report, please contact GPA Expert.


Whether it is an online quiz or a case study report, students can find relevant answering skills or tips from GPA Expert. For the detailed writing requirements of the case study report, please contact the GPA ExpertCustomer Service Center to obtain it, and we will also provide high-quality writing services.





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