MGT602 Business Decision Analytics – writing, case, study, research

MGT602 Business Decision Analytics is a major course in business at Torrens University. The learning objectives of this course are: to assess and use a range of decision-making tools to identify one's own decision-making style, compare it with other decision-making styles, and critically evaluate the critical impact of source data, information, and knowledge on decision-making.

It has 3 Assignments:

Assignment 1 Decision Style Analysis requires students to write a 1500-word Individual Decision Style Analysis. The focus of this assignment is to identify one's own decision-making preferences and decision-making style. Develop a development plan that allows students to be more flexible in their own information processing and decision-making. To complete this assignment, students need to use the material contained in module1 and module2. This task needs to be completed before Week 4, and its weighting is 20%; you can log in GPA Expert for details that you don’t understand.


The Assignment 2 Case Study is a group assignment and its weighting is 40%. It requires students to form groups of 3 or more on their own to collaborate on a case study and prepare a dataset for analysis. It is recommended that an information management repository be established to store the data available and around which to formulate the team's decisions, conclusions, recommendations, and justifications. In week 8, each group prepares a short oral report explaining the group's report with a PPT of at least 5 pages. If there is still something you don’t understand, you can use GPA Expert to choose a professional teacher to explain.


Assignment 3 Research Analysis requires students to write an individual survey analysis report of 2000 words, and its weighting is 40%. This task requires students to select a decision they have seen at work and apply the theoretical knowledge learned in MGT602 to conduct a comprehensive critical analysis and evaluation of the decision maker and decision process. The due day is week 11 Sunday. It should be noted that the reference in the report needs to be in APA format.

MGT602 Business Decision Analytics has both individual project assessment and group work. It mainly assesses students' ability to learn and apply new knowledge. Want to learn more about courses at Torrance University? Welcome to click GPA Expert to understand.





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