ACCT2228 Financial Accounting – writing, case, quiz, analysis

ACCT2228 Financial Accounting is one of RMIT's foundation courses in Accounting. This course guides students to understand and master the accounting requirements, concepts, and principles underlying financial accounting. The ultimate goal for students is to apply what they have learned to normal business processes, business investigations, and business decisions.


ACCT2228 consists of 3 assessments:


Assignment 1 Manual Accounting Portfolio is weighting 25%. It requires students to write an electronic version of the interim report of 1000 words and submit it by logging in to CANVAS. The due date is on Sunday of Week 4.


Assignment 2 In Class Test is an in-class quiz in week7. Its weighting is 25% and its purpose is to assess students' understanding and mastery of accounting concepts and principles and their application. This test has a 60-minute time limit.


Assignment 3 Computerised Accounting Portfolio is weighting 50%, and the due day is in week13. It requires students to complete 3 phases of tasks in sequence. Phase 1 requires students to record financial information through manual accounting information systems and computerized accounting information systems, with the aim of improving students' ability to apply what they have learned; Phase 2 requires students to use the chart of accounts and in general journals, general ledgers and trial balances to prepare a set of transactions for the purpose of assessing student's ability in processing new information through a computerized accounting system; Phase 3 is to complete a cash flow statement and present the business for the period through an analysis of current cash flow occurrences of the business and the entire financial report Performance. It should be noted that each phase should use the corresponding job cover. For more details, please contact GPA Expert.





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