ECON1042 Macroeconomics 2 - report writing analysis

ECON1042 is Macroeconomics 2.  For Assessment 1, State of the Nation Summary Report, in this Assessment you will use the data provided in excel files to generate the answers for part 2.  Answers and diagrams will be entered into the supplied Word document under the relevant section heading.  If you need to make a chart for a section, you can only make one, otherwise it will be 0. Your writing should be concise and clear in this Assessment, and the answers to each question should be formed in the form of a report, not a question.  Due on March 24th, 20%.  The above is about the general content of Assessment 1. If you don't understand the specific format and attention points of the report, please refer to GPA Expert.  

ECON1042 Assessment 2 is Technical Appendix to the State of the Nation Report. Write a Technical Appendix to the State of the Nation Report. The Report will involve three parts and connect the three parts.  The first part is about the impact of COVID-19, which should be 300 words, the second part is about model assumptions and results within 200 words, and the third part is about policy recommendations within 500 words, which should be concise.  Due on May 5th, 30%.  GPA Expert can explain ECON1042 to teachers of selected majors if you are not clear about the report, which will help you in your report.  

The last one of  ECON1042 is Critical Event and Policy Analysis, Critical events and Policy Analysis. This task is divided into two parts. The first part is based on the economic recession in Australia in 1991 and its impact on the wealth of Australian households and businesses.  Write a 1000 word report combining excel data with IS-LM model.  The second part is a 2-minute audio digital presentation in which you select a policy initiative and create a slide show for or against that initiative.  Due on June 9, 30 percent.  If you don't understand, you can come to GPA Expert to tutor  ECON1042.  

The average guidance score of ECON1042 is 83 points, in which Report and PPT can be learned in GPA Expert, and other points for attention and explanation are also provided. It is recommended that students who have no basic knowledge can consult our teachers in detail.  Come to GPA Expert to choose a suitable and professional teacher to create a suitable ECON1042 learning plan for you! 





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