MKTG1080 Applied Brand Management - writing assessment case report

MKTG1080 is Applied Brand Management.  Create a business, understand what products or services you can offer to the market, and what problems the business will solve. For example Specific market gaps and consumer demand.  Analyze why you think your product will sell.  Analyze the two brands that can compete with you in your business operation, and then use the CBBE pyramid to analyze the sources of brand equity of the two major competitors.  Due on April 3, 20%.  The above is about the general content of Assignment 1. If you don't know anything about the report, please refer to GPA Expert . 

Assignment 2 of MKTG 1080 is a 5-10min video Assignment. Based on the first part, I will formulate brand strategies for the new business, including brand positioning, brand elements and communication strategies.  The video should combine visual effects, narration, text, models, sketches, etc., to improve the quality of the video, do not do too simple, only voice or PPT video.  Due is May 15, 30 percent.  If you are not quite clear about the video, GPA Expert can choose a professional teacher to explain MKTG 1080, providing you with a helping hand.  

The last Assignment 3 of MKTG 1080 is the Brand Case Memo, which is a personal Assignment to be submitted during class from Week3 to Week12. Each Memo needs 300 words, and each Memo is worth 5 points, accounting for 50% of the total.  This assignment requires you to take on the role of brand manager and then reflect on your learning from the case studies assigned each week and make recommendations for relevant brands.  If you don't know where to start, you can come to  GPA Expert and tutor MKTG 1080.  

The average guidance score of MKTG 1080 is 83 points, which Report and video can be learned in  GPA Expert, and there are notes and explanations for the case study. It is recommended that students who have no basic knowledge can consult our professional teachers in detail.  Come to  GPA Expert to choose suitable for you, a professional teacher to create a suitable for your MKTG1080 learning plan! 





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