BAFI1002 Financial Markets and Institutions - writing sample assessment report

BAFI1002, financial market and institutions, is a basic course of finance. In order to get credits of this course, three assessment tasks related to BAFI1002 should be completed, which are as follows: Assessment 1 is an online midterm exam, which measures basic knowledge. Assessment 2 is foreign exchange analysis and reporting, which aims to examine the application of knowledge. It consists of Stages 1 and 2. The last assessment is the Ultimate assessment, which measures the practical operation ability of the knowledge.

Regarding Assessment 1, this task is a mid-term online test, which will consist of 20 questions covering topics 1-3 and is an examination of the basic knowledge of the course. The proportion of this task is 10%. If you have trouble, GPA Expert can help you get through the text with ease.

Assessment 2 is the forex analysis and report, which consists of two stages. The first stage requires your personal input and work to develop the market view, and then develop the forex trading strategy to contribute to the group report in the second stage. Before your team develops a trading strategy, you should conduct thorough research and discuss your market views. The second stage is a group assignment, writing a foreign exchange report, in which your group must submit a 2500 word group report (one report per group) based on the team's research, trading strategy and portfolio analysis. The total proportion of assessment 2 was 40%, with 20% for each stage. Assessment 2 is mainly to assess your mastery of knowledge and ability to apply it through the analysis of specific problems. If you are not good at group reporting and team trading strategy, please contact us to help you complete it, please click GPA Expert.

Assessment 3 is the Ultimate assessment. The evaluation will involve a number of case studies related to different financial markets and instruments. You will be asked to assess the impact of recent developments in financial markets. The word count is 3000 words, accounting for 50%. Assessment 3 requires you to combine multiple analytical methods to actually analyze the current problems in financial markets.

Both the online test and analysis report for BAFI1002 can be completed with the help of GPA Expert, resulting in a combined average guidance score of 83. There are also notes and explanations for the group assignments, including ideas for the final case study question. You can contact us for more help.





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