BUSM2453 Developing Professionally - writing case assessment self-efficacy

BUSM2453 Developing Professionally mainly tells us that we need to develop in the direction of professionalization, it is the basis of you in business

If you want to succeed, you need to develop a sense of self-efficacy. When you disagree with a decision or strategy, you should speak up at the right time to prove your point. You should not only accept criticism with an open mind, but also give an effectively criticism to others. And you have the flexibility to solve tough problems .The attitude of"I can do"stems from your confidence in your abilities –Both the ability to reflect on yourself and the ability to continuously improve your business skills are all needed.

Assessment 1

This Assessment requires you to write a report, which is mainly based on your own Assessment and investigation, to measure your skills and strengths, and to reflect your work outlook and life outlook through this report. Assessment 1 accounts for 10% and word count requires no less than 1000 words. If you don't know how to deal with the report, you can click  GPA Expert to ask for help.

Assessment 2: Assessment 2 requires you to write an industry analysis report. The purpose of the report is to make an in-depth analysis of an industry, a company in the industry, and a position in the company that you think is most suitable for you in the future. Through this analysis, you can plan your future career and identify your strengths and weaknesses in the industry. Words count: at least 2000 words. (Accounts for 40%)

Assessment 3: Assessment 3 is based on the survey of Assessment 1 and Assessment 2. To develop a five-year plan for your career by creating an analytical chart and info-graphic or video. The five-year plan also needs to account for uncertain changes and unexpected discoveries. (Accounts for 50%) Words count: at least 1000 words +3 minutes video presentation.  GPA Expert can help you make relevant charts or videos.

Currently, being a business professional also requires a certain level of digital literacy. For example,you should be able to effectively find, evaluate, and present information on digital platforms. This is because it is considered a key skill for confidently preparing and delivering tasks in the contemporary business world. If you have any trouble in your homework, try to click GPA Expert for help.





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