BUSM1137 Human Resource Development - writing case assessment report

HRD, which is short for Human Resource Development, has developed a unique body of knowledge suited to its purpose though three different steps:

1. Experiences gained from coping with problems of practice lead to the formulation of principles or generalizations, which is known as the best practice.

2. The best practice is researched and analyzed, and becomes concepts and theories.

3. Knowledge that has been developed by other disciplines is borrowed and reformulated for using in the field. (Jensen, 1964)

After knowing the purpose of HDR, we will talk about the assessments of course BUSM1137Human Resource Development. If you still have questions on the course content, you can click GPA Expert to contact us.

Assessment1:Individual essay writing.

(Weight: 30%)

Here are some suggestions for how academic essays should be structured. Note that this is just a simple structure, you are free to choose structure of the body of your essay. Write an essay of no less than 1500 words based on these suggestions. If you have no idea in writing, you can click GPA Expertfor help.

Assessment 2: Group training project presentation.

(Weight: 30%)

Work in groups of 3-4 to design and deliver training sessions to the rest of the class. Ideally, you need to consider all the important phases of training program design (needs assessment, designing the program with adult learning and individual differences,best delivery model, and program evaluation). This exercise allows you to integrate the key things you learned in class about training design and apply theory to practice. More importantly, you have the opportunity to successfully implement training in a team. Your team can choose any training topic you like, as long as you make justification that it delivers value to organization. You can get some advices from GPA Expert if you like.

Assessment 3: Individual Case Report

(Weight: 40%)

A case will be provided to you. This case describes the context of an organization and the challenges they are facing. Your task is to analyze the case in depth and use what you have learned in this course to develop a human resource development strategy for the organization. Similar reports may be found in GPA Expert.

Finally, mastering HDR can lay a solid foundation for your entering the business. It can not only expand your cognitive ability and organizational coordination ability, but also guide your practice better and accumulate working experience.

More examples can be found in GPA Expert.


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