Introduction to the writing format of a Report

Currently, Assignments in the form of Essays and Reports are widely used in international students’ assignments. However, many international students find it difficult to distinguish between the two types of assignments. Generally speaking, Essay writing is less difficult than report writing. The most obvious difference of them is that the structure of a report is more official. In another word, the structure and paragraph layout of an Essay can be determined according to the actual situation, while a report cannot.

In addition, in the process of writing a report, the author will use a lot of data statistics, charts, and appendices, which means that the author has to spend more time and energy on the investigation, statistics, and data search. However, Report writing is technical. He/she can use some auxiliary tools and accumulation to finish the report writing faster. This is followed by an introduction to the structure, requirements, and considerations in report writing.

the formal structure of a report generally contains Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Introduction, Body, Conclusion and Recommendation, the Reference part, and Appendix. Each part has its own specification. PS: Before writing, you should note that a report cannot be written in the first or second person unless otherwise specified. The writing of the report pays more attention to practice and must be based on the analysis of the actual situation, with less theoretical content. Use relevant data and tables accurately, and note the sources of the materials quoted.

 i.  Make sure to use the Word’s automatically generate style in the Table of Contents section.

ii. The Executive Summary must introduce the research's content, object, purpose, significance, and some general information about the report. Don't leave out any of the above.

iii.  The introduction generally introduces the main idea of the article to the text content. In writing a report, the introduction should lay stress on the background of the report. The content should be avoided from repeating too much with the Body part to avoid aesthetic fatigue.

iv.  The Body part should analyze its own topic according to the actual situation, introduce a large number of facts, arguments, and data analysis, to demonstrate the theme of its report, for the theoretical content should be concise, can extract individual keywords to explain, but not to fill the number of words to introduce the theory in details.

v.  The Conclusion/Recommendation section should fully summarize the conclusions of the report and reiterate its own arguments.

vi. Reference should pay attention to authenticity. No matter what kind of Reference format is used, it should ensure that the information quoted is accurate and fully covered. The number of references used is generally determined by the tutor. You can click GPA Expert for more details about the format of Reference, or you can directly contact our professional writing tutor for guidance.

Above all are some tips on how to write a report. Your writing skills will become more handy in doing report assignments. For more tips on international student Assignments and related content, please visit GPA Expert. If you have any trouble in writing your Assignment, you are welcome to contact GPA Expert. We have a professional team to ensure that you can get your GPA smoothly.