COMM2810 Story and Place in Media – writing case proposal blog

COMM2810 Story and Place in Media is the foundation course for the Communication program at RMIT.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to articulate issues of identity and place, shape your approach to storytelling, and some of the ways in which you practice media. You can use professional media equipment, create and collaborate on exploration ideas to make short video works, analyze and reflect on what a story is, what a story does, and what a story could be through media practice.

Assignment 1 is short video production. After taking into account the place concept discussed in the first few weeks of the semester, you will make a short video portrait: "My Place". The video is no longer than three minutes. It is a portrait of a place that is personally important to you. You can interpret it broadly or narrowly as you want. You are free to choose. Due ends on August 21, accounting for 20%. This is the general information about Assignment 1. If you want more explanation, please refer to GPA Expert.

Assignment 2 is a group Proposal. It is divided into two parts. The task in Section A is that in small groups of 3 or 4 students, you will produce a map-based audio clip that tells the history of a particular place in Melbourne. It could be a suburb, a building, a street, or a particular area. The Due date is September 18, which accounts for 30%. The task of Section B is to ask you to individually produce a work that reflects the task assignment of the group. The Due date is September 18th, which accounts for 10%.

Assignment 3 is a personal Presentation task. It requires each person to create a video clip in five minutes. The Due date is October 16, which accounts for 30%. If you have trouble with personal tasks, you can contact GPA Expert, and you can choose a professional teacher to help you with COMM2810.

Assignment 4 is setting up and maintaining a Reflective blog in Canvas Discussions. The Due date is October 17th, which accounts 10%.

After our guidance and help, the average score of COMM2810 is 83. The key points of the Video and Proposal can be learned in the evaluation of GPA Expert. The Presentation and blog also have notes and explanations. It is recommended that students without basic knowledge can consult our professional teachers in detail and create a suitable COMM2810 study plan for themselves.





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