BUSM3122 Work, Health, Safety &Wellbeing – blog writing, poster design, case, individual analys

BUSM3122 Work, Health, Safety &Wellbeing is an elective course. Although this course has a lot of workloads, compared with the main professional courses, the Assignment is easier to complete.

BUSM3122 introduces key concepts and practices related to the management of health, safety, and well-being at work, taking a multidisciplinary approach and exploring the contribution of disciplines including law, sociology, industrial relations, and expert technical approaches to understanding and addressing work-related injuries and illnesses. This course explores contemporary issues and debates in the field of WHS regulation and risk management. If you want to learn more about this course you can click on GPA Expert and contact customer service for more information.

There are three assignments in this course:

Assignment 1 is the weekly blog, accounting for 40%. For the courseware of Week2-6 and the issues covered, students need to write a blog every week and publish it to the designated port. Most tutors will choose to let students publish to the discussion board. In addition to the weekly writing, each student will comment on 1-2 other students' blogs. Finally, at the end of Week 6, students will be asked to write a 1,500-word summary.

Assignment 2 requires to create a group of 4 to 5 students and working together to present a danger and risk poster. This group requires high participation of members. It's accounting for 20% and the deadline for it is in week9. Since the grade is based on the degree of contribution to the work of the group, students who contribute less to the group get a corresponding reduction in grade. It requires a description of the work done on the job and identification of WHS hazards and risks. This is a practical task that requires the crew to meet a worker in the field. To view the previous homework can contact customer service at GPA Expert for details.

Assignment 3 is to write an individual analysis report, which is accounting for 40%. It asks students to write an individual analysis report of about 2000 words, looking for an issue from the study of contemporary work, health, safety, and well-being as a research topic for the report. The report aims to deepen your understanding of the selected topic, the literature, and the positions (views/actions) of the parties involved. It's due on week 13. In order to successfully pass this course, you can contact us at GPA Expert for consultation at any time.

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