Review the Assignment

1. Receive audit documents and requirements  

2. Ensure that the duplicate check rate is less than 20%. In special cases, the duplicate check rate is less than 25%  

3. Check the job requirements:  

A. Homework format requirements: for example, Business Report, Research Report, essay, special requirements, pay attention to which parts of the structure and the number of words required for each part (question:  Sometimes, the requirements of assignment types are not clearly identified, and important structures (such as Tittle Page recommendations, etc.) are omitted.  Each part of the word count is not good, sometimes exceed the word count requirements;  In writing, I did not make a clear distinction between Executive summary and introduction. Executive summary is an introduction of both specific structure and details, while introduction is mainly an introduction of background.)  

B. homework content requirements, such as what to do with what kind of theory analysis (question: sometimes don't understand the content of the assignment asks you to clearly, there is no reasonable use of the language of the academic analysis, simply paste the courseware content, not on the basis of their understanding to paraphrase, at the same time also to pay attention to the logical structure of the article)  

C. Font, size, word count, citation format, paragraph format and other basic requirements (questions:  When the reference list is modified, it is sometimes forgotten to modify the parts referenced in the text, and the reference format is sometimes wrong (for example, in the name part, abbreviations should be used for the part of the name, the name with comma should be followed by the first name, and the name without comma should be followed by the first name, mainly because the format does not strictly follow the format requirements;).  Meanwhile, we should also pay attention to the source of reference, such as several peer-reviewed articles or websites  

D. Score sheet requirements (write in accordance with the score sheet to ensure your score)  

4.  Check whether the citations in and at the end of the essay conform to the specification, and check whether the grammar and content in the essay conform to the specified requirements (if there are citations at the end of the essay, add them in the essay if there are not enough citations, and don't forget to sort them at the end).  

5. Download and query files.  

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