MCD6050 Communications and Society – writing, assessment, essay, case

MCD6050 Communication and Society is a Monash University course designed to give students an insight into how contemporary media technologies shape how people behave and communicate in contemporary society.

The Assessment of MCD6050 is divided into four parts:

Assessment 1 is Online Assessment. It is mainly for the weekly knowledge of the simple online test, easy difficulty, it is easy to get high scores.

Assessment 2 is Tutorial Presentations Due Weekly. This assignment requires students to participate in class and report on the assignment in class. Besides, relevant topics should be determined and students should try to complete the assignment by themselves.

Assessment 3 is Tutorial Participation & Weekly Tutorial Activities.

Weekly discussion assignments require high levels of student participation and are recommended to be completed by students themselves. If you feel like you're stuck on this, contact GPA Expert.

Assessment 4 - Media & Communications Analysis

Select a form of report content to complete, such as magazine, speech, newspaper, etc., the tutor will upload the data to Google Drive.

Assessment 5 - Research Essay

It has to be done according to the structure of the tutor, who will explain the relevant details in class. You need to read the reading materials given by the tutor. Choose one question according to the tutor and analyze it. If you don't understand something about the Research Essay, you can find GPA Expert to help you solve it.

Today, communication technology determines what people can say, what they cannot say and what they must say. The same principle applies to the movies and TV shows that people watch, the music that people listen to, the podcasts and radio that people listen to, the newspapers and books that people read, the games that people play. But communications technology itself is also influenced by politics, society, culture and economics. These diverse forms of communication extend beyond language, audio-visual symbols, and literal messages of text to non-verbal forms of communication, non-verbal forms of communication, and social influences that may not have a single source. By studying these different forms of communication between society and technology, one can understand how contemporary societies shape -- and are shaped -- communication technologies. More examples can be found at GPA Expert.






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