MKT600 Marketing – writing, marketing plan design, video presentation recording

MKT600 Marketing is one of the required courses for the MBA at the University of Torrens. This course focuses on how to develop a Marketing strategy, apply the elements of a Marketing strategy mix to develop and sustain a market orientation, and evaluate the performance of an organization against ethically and socially acceptable business practices.


Assignment 1 Situation Analysis:

Accounted for 30%;

Words limit 2000 words;

It requires the application of SWOT analysis to study a given case, and students can find an introduction to SWOT analysis in GPA Expert. Assignment 1 is the basis for Assignment 2 because the same case is provided by them. Only after a clear analysis of Assignment 1 can the marketing plan of Assignment 2 be formulated.


Assignment 2 Marketing Plan accounts for 50%, and its score is the key to students' scores in this course. The word count requirement is about 3000 words. If students want to get a higher score, it is better to click GPA Expert to contact customer service. In Assignment 1, two of the eight steps of the marketing plan have been mentioned (i.e., current marketing situation and threat and opportunity analysis) and a complete marketing plan is now required to be developed based on the business case presented. Students should complete the following steps: identify goals and problems and marketing logic to create customer value; Segmentation, target positioning, and marketing mix strategy; Action Plan - How can marketing strategies be translated into concrete actions to answer what needs to be done? When will it be finished? Who will do it? What is the cost (budget)? Note that at least 15 references should be written in the plan.


Assignment 3 Presentation on Sustainable Marketing accounts for 20%. The task is relatively simple and requires students to record 5-10 minutes of Video. The Video shows students' understanding of contemporary sustainable marketing issues (such as hunger, poverty, food safety, etc.). The main content of the Video could include socially responsible marketing issues (ethical considerations); Environmentally responsible sales issues. Assignment 3 can be submitted via online video submission. The scoring tips, such as eye contact, participation content, discussion process, gestures, and posture, can be found in GPA Expert.


MKT600's Assignments are all related to each other, so we need to pay attention to the connections between them while completing them. If time is too tight to complete, or any problems in studying cases, making marketing plans, recording presentation videos, etc., GPA Expert is the best choice for help!





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