21214 Business and Social Impact - Writing, case, group discussion, individual report

21214 Business and Social Impact is a course in UTS Business. Through the study of this course, students will explore the changes made by enterprises due to social and environmental changes from multiple perspectives including accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, local and global perspectives. Students also examine the challenges and opportunities of harnessing the power of markets to create economic and social value.

Assignment 1 Written Reflection & Video:

Accounts for 20%

The due day is on August 23 (Week 4)

The purpose of the assessment is for students to form their own views based on the role of business in generating social impact. Assignment 1 is divided into 2 Sections. Section A asks students to record a short 1-2 minute video to present their personal views on the relationship between business and social impact; Section B asks students to write a reflective essay of no more than 400 words and provide relevant material as an argument to support you the opinion of. A suitable reflection template can be found in GPA for reference.

Assignment 2 Facilitated Discussion & Individual Report:

Accounts for 40% (Section A accounts for 15%, Section B accounts for 25%)

Assignment 2 is divided into 2 Sections. Section A is a discussion task that asks students to choose one of the 6 cases provided to start a group discussion, and asks students to prepare a short assessment draft before the group discussion, his content is about the case social or environmental affected. Section B requires students to write a personal written report based on the results of the seminar, and students can evaluate the case from a variety of perspectives, including marketing, accounting, marketing, economics, and more. The due day is on October 4th (week 9). Assignment 2 involves group discussion and individual report writing. If you have difficulties in these two areas, you can seek help from GPA Expert customer service.

Assignment 3 Designing Your Business Purpose (Individual):

Accounts for 40%

The due day is on 8th November

This assessment asks students to think about three questions about business, leadership, and social impact, and then asks students to design a personal social impact mission.

Question 1. What is your view on the role of business in society?

Question 2. In your opinion, what does it mean to be a responsible business leader?

Question 3. What is your "goal statement" in terms of driving positive social and/or environmental impact? How will you achieve this goal as your expertise continues to grow?

For more cases, please click GPA Expert to view.

21214 Business and Social Impact Assignments tend to be completed by individuals, but there is no lack of participation in group discussions. It can not only cultivate students' ability to communicate and collaborate, but also cultivate students' sense of social responsibility and corporate culture. Short video production tips as well as report writing tips can be found from GPA Expert.





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