How to write a title in an essay?

In an essay, the title part is particularly important. No matter what type of article is written, the quality of the title will directly affect the reader's first impression.

To write a splendid title is not an easy task.


To begin with, the author must have innovative thinking, choose the words carefully, and avoid repeating existing titles. Innovative titles can attract the readers' interest in reading and allow their essays to attract more fans. In order to maintain the novelty of the title, the author can use the brainstorming method, but be careful not to exceed a clear limit; otherwise, it will lead to off-topic.


In addition, the creation of the title should be concise and succinct. It requires the title to be highly generalised so as to attract the reader's attention. Only in this way can we achieve the effect of "Seeing the whole leopard at a glance". A long-winded or poorly worded title will dissuade many readers who want to read further.


What's more, the creation of the title should consider the writing style of an essay. Whether the writing style of an essay is rigorous or casual, serious or funny, ... all of these affect the creation of the title. A queer feeling will be left to the readers if the title does not match the writing style of the article.


Last but not least, the genre of an essay should also be considered in the creation of the title. The genre can be divided into two types: the article genre and the literary genre. The article genres include narration, argumentation, description, and exposition. The four article genres have their own emphasis, and the title often has a stylistic quality, which enables readers to identify the style of the article they read through the title. The literary genre has too many forms, such as poetry, novels, plays, prose, and other forms.


To create a good title for an essay needs a long-term accumulation of writing experience. There is a large number of essay writing assessment tasks in undergraduate and graduate courses, which provide students with the possibility to accumulate their writing experience.


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