MAF306 International Finance and Investment - quiz writing group-work test

MAF306 is International Finance and Investment. Assignment1 consists of two parts, which can be divided into A and B. (Group of 3) Report (Business) + (Individual) Written Report, self-reflection. Part A is group work, three people in a group write a business report, the Business Report needs 3000 words. The proportion is 20%. Part B is a personal assignment, a written self-reflective report, of 1000 words (10%). The total proportion of Assignment1 is 30%, and the due date is in the 7th week. The above is the general content of Assignment1. If you don't know the specific format and points of attention of the report, please refer to GPA Expert

The Assignment2 of MAF306 is (Individual) Multiple Choice Quiz X 2 (Online), which is conducted in week 5 and week 9 respectively. The time is 60 minutes for each person, and each test accounts for 5% respectively.  Assignment2 accounts for 10% of the total. GPA Expert can choose a professional teacher to explain MAF306 and help you with the quiz. 

The last Assignment3 of MAF306 is Examination (Closed Book), accounting for 60%. The due time is in the Examination week, covering the knowledge of all weeks.  If you don't know how to study for MAF306, you can come to GPA Expert to study with a teacher of your choice. 

The average guidance score of MAF306 is 83 points. In the Report and Self-Reflection, you can learn the scoring points in GPA Expert. There are also notes and explanations for the two online quizzes and the final exam.  Come to GPA Expert and choose your own professional teacher to create your own MAF306 study plan.





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