ECON1066 Basic Econometrics – writing case assessment

ECON1066 Basic Econometrics is one of the basic courses in economics. It introduces students to econometric methods for empirical analysis. Students learn how to estimate linear regression models using real datasets from Australia and around the world. The key themes of the course and the basic quantitative techniques required for research are illustrated through examples.

In order to learn this course well and lay the foundation for future study, two aspects need to be done:

1. Carefully analyze and synthesize data to make effective economic and business decisions. Students adapt to communicate business data with people in different business environments, and through knowledge analysis, provide professional advice to people from business disciplines in different business environments.

2. Apply rational judgment to solve a variety of statistical and econometric problems in business disciplines such as accounting, economics, finance, and marketing, with reference to business, government policy, and global perspectives. Improve relevant action strategies.

At the same time, the daily requirements of the course are: students should actively participate in classroom activities and group discussions, and try to practice using econometric software for analysis and testing. (More cases can be found in GPA Expert)

The assignment of the course is divided into three parts: the weighting of Assignment 1 is 20%; the weighting of Assignment 2 is 40%; the weighting of Assignment 3 is 40%. The submission address for the Assignment is in Canvas.

As one of the basic courses of economics, ECON1066 needs to be paid enough attention to. This course not only emphasizes the mastery of theoretical knowledge, but also pays attention to the investigation of the practical application of course knowledge. If you have any needs to complete the assignment, you can contact GPA Expert customer service for assistance, we will also provide professional lecturers to teach the theoretical knowledge of ECON1066.