MGT604 Strategic Management - writing case draft case

MGT604 Strategic Management is a basic business course. It is to create value for stakeholders by managing the strategic resources of an organization, which aims to leverage core competencies for competitive advantage. If you want to know the details of this course, you can log in to GPA Expert to contact customer service for details. 

There are four assignments for the subject: 


Assignment 1 is a video speech based on a case study of business practice. Students have to form their own groups. The main purpose of the video speech is to determine the current organizational plan facing strategic threats. The length of the video is about 5 minutes. 


Assignment 2 is also based on a mock meeting of stakeholders to write a draft. The draught requirement is a 750-word corporate strategic plan, and everyone must submit a copy. 


Assignment 3 is the final draught of a 3000-word corporate strategic plan, which is based on Assignment 2.


Assignment 4 is to write a 3000-word strategic analysis report. Specific assignment details: 1. Select an organization and focus on news and network information related to it; 2. Identify three strategic factors that affect the organization; 3. Discuss how to classify these strategic impacts using strategic planning theory; and 4. Develop a strategic course of action to address these impacts. For details on how to complete this task, please refer to the task description or contact customer service at GPA Expert for details. 


At its core, strategic management is a framework for analyzing the environment, integrating the company's activities, learning and adapting to change, and creating value for the present and the future. Its purpose is to enable companies to gain a sustainable advantage over their competitors as efficiently as possible. Please contact GPA Expert for more information.




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