MAF307 Equities and Investment Analysis - online quiz stock investment report final exam

MAF307 Equities and Investment Analysis, as its name implies, mainly deals with the knowledge of stock and Investment Analysis and management.  Learn the risks, returns, and basic allocation of financial markets.  Focus on equity investment, learning modern portfolio theory, asset pricing model, securities valuation, and Ou sub-portfolio calculation and evaluation.  

Ass2 is the simulated trading of stock investment throughout Week1 - Week8.  The assignment is divided into parts A and B.  Firstly, part A needs to register an account on every week and conduct stock simulation trading as required, which will be completed every Friday. Relevant issues need to be discussed in the Cloud Deakin discussion area "Assessment 2 – Stock Track Discussions".  Secondly, part B writes a weekly reflection log according to part A's stock simulated trading. The log is submitted through Cloud Deakin, and the submission port is provided in the form of a quiz in the evaluation. Note that the log does not require images or forms, but only plain text.  Part A is due every Friday, and part B is due on Friday of the week8, which will account for 15% of the total grade.  The above is the introduction of Ass2. It needs special attention that part A and part B are related, and the weekly stock simulation trading must be completed, otherwise, part B’s lecture will be regarded as fabricated and unreal and will not be awarded points.  

Ass3 is group homework, group report 3000 words in total, accounting for 25% of the total score, due day is Friday on Week9.  I need to select a listed company from the companies given by the teacher and create a stock research report based on the basic analysis and equity valuation knowledge learned.  It must be in formal document form to facilitate advice to clients (investors, fund managers).  After the assignment of the company, the teacher should consult and discuss relevant information with the team members. After the assignment of the individual part, the teacher should start to complete it according to the situation of the group.  

Ass4 is the Final exam, which lasts for 2 hours and accounts for 50% of the total score, and the Final account is relatively high. It is necessary to practice more according to the sample exam and previous exams, and review the lecture content and knowledge points, so as to get a good score.  

The average guidance score of MAF307 is 88 points, and the explanations of homework and test scores and knowledge points in previous years. It is recommended that students consult GPA Expert in detail to ensure excellent results. 





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