MMM306 Global Strategy and International Management – writing, case, group work design, final exam

MMM306 Global Strategy and International Management is one of the required courses for the management major at Deakin Uni. This course introduces students to the tools for formulating strategies for firms operating in an international environment. 

The course starts with an analysis of the external and internal environments of the organization and proceeds with the formulation of the appropriate strategy taking into consideration the economic, social, and environmental objectives of the organization. The course exposes students to the theoretical and conceptual literature on global strategy and highlights the rapid emergence of multinationals from emerging economies and the strategic role of the government in these economies.

Assessment Task 1: Individual Assignment - Case Analysis

Weighting 20%;

Words limit 2000 words;

The task in assignment1 is to answer the following questions after a thorough analysis of the firm, Cafe2Go of the United Arab Emirates and the potential for further international expansion in the café industry in Indonesia.  Students will draw on their knowledge of the topics covered from Weeks 1-4 in providing comprehensive but concise answers to the questions presented below. This assignment consists of two questions.

Q1. Cafe2Go has hired him or her as an investment analyst to strengthen its strategic planning team for its international expansion. Students’ first primary task is to provide a comprehensive yet concise written analysis of how and why the firm should demonstrate strategic organizational ambidexterity (OA) given the industry-based considerations in exploiting the business opportunities in the food and beverage (coffee bars)/café industry in Indonesia. Students need to explain why strategic organizational ambidexterity is vital in using, enhancing, or optimizing the firm’s other resources or capabilities to address some critical industry considerations to prepare the firm for international expansion (i.e. expansion to Indonesia). (Approximately 1200 words)

This question challenges students’ ability to apply the relevant topics, concepts, and analytical tools from their discussion of the first two legs of the strategy tripod: the resource-based considerations and industry-based considerations of strategies and the performance of firms. Students are free to choose and apply any of the elements covered in each of these two legs of the strategy tripod. Students are not expected to use all of the topics – choose those relevant to the line of argument students wish to develop in students’ analysis or narrative. A general guide to students’ analysis: Think of whether the firm demonstrates (OA) and how the firm can use this capability to address the key industry forces in Indonesia. If yes, in what way has the firm demonstrated OA? If not, in what way can the firm have demonstrated or could demonstrate OA to address the key industry forces in Indonesia?

Q2. Cafe2Go decides to enter the café industry in Indonesia. Recommend one (1) Porter’s generic strategy that the firm should follow (in doing business in Indonesia) given the resource-based and industry-based considerations in entering the Indonesian café industry, as well as students’ analysis in Q1 above. (Approximately 800 words).

This question challenges students’ ability to apply relevant basic strategies that we have covered to date and link to organizational and industry factors following the strategy tripod.

A general guide to students’ analysis: Based on students’ key findings in Q1, how can the firm successfully implement the generic strategy that students have chosen?

Assessment Task 2: Group Assignment

Weighting 30%;

This assignment is a written strategic internationalization report that the students’ team (3 members), acting as consultants, will prepare for Cafe2Go as part of the firm’s preparation for expansion in Indonesia. Cafe2Go is the same company student have studied as part of students’ assignments (i.e., individual case analysis).

In this assignment, students should assume that Cafe2Go is not yet operating/doing business in Indonesia. This assignment will challenge the team’s capability to recommend whether the café industry in Indonesia is one that Cafe2Go should exploit. If it is, be able to explain why and how.

Note: After a successful team formation, a Teamwork Agreement Form should be submitted before the specified date.

Assessment task3: Final exam

Weighting 50%;

Open book style, online 24 hours.

More cases can be found in GPA Expert.





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