MKTG1419 Social Media and Mobile Marketing – writing, sample, analysis, group-work

MKTG1419 Social Media and Mobile Marketing, Social Media and Mobile Marketing. It is a specialized course in the Media Studies program at RMIT.

In course MKTG1419, there are three assignments: Assignment 1 is Analyse social media analytics, Assignment 2 is an individual Assignment, and Assignment 3 is a group assignment.

Assignment 1: Analyse social media analytics

Assignment 1 requires students to explain and analyze the field of social media analytics from the following aspects: effective social media analytics capabilities, review of the use and application of current stage/trend technologies, solutions, and methods in the field of social media analytics. Students need to prove their analysis by giving examples. Social media analysis should be applied to measure the achievement of a specific social media presence and what the target is as well as to identify key performance indicators for tracking the target. This evaluation project accounts for 20%, and the Due date is July 23. The above is about Assignment 1. For details, please refer to GPA Expert.

Assignment 2 is an individual Assignment. It tests students' ability to build social media advertising strategies and plan to support client projects. Students use social listening tools to research the business of WIL clients and analyze its marketing. This time accounts for 30%, which is more important. The Due date is on August 20th.

Assignment 3: Group Assignment The task is given a replicate industry/world dataset and students are required to perform the extensive statistical analyses covered in the course, with an emphasis on analyzing the relationship between the two. The final 50% is very important. The Due date is September 10th. For group work, it is necessary to find appropriate team members in time to complete the evaluation more efficiently. This task is difficult to complete, which can be solved through GPA Expert customer service contact. Choosing the right method will help you to explore and learn more smoothly. Anything doesn’t understand could contact GPA Expert, and choose a professional tutor to explain MKTG1419.

After our guidance, the average score of students in MKTG1419 is 87 points. The key points of group assignments can be learned at GPA Expert, and there are also notes and explanations for personal writing. We recommend that students without basic knowledge can consult in detail.





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