How to write PS?

When applying for studying abroad, many applicants will be distressed because they cannot write an excellent PS. PS (Personal Statement) is a key part of the application process and is widely used to demonstrate to their chosen schools how well to fit into their standards. Sometimes, a short PS may be more valued by our favorite schools than grades, so it is especially important to write a good personal statement.

Before writing a PS, understand what the application of the major of the document requirements are, including the number of words, key content, and format. In the limited number of words, the content of PS is few but fine, and it has strong logic. A good PS must have the following points (take applying for graduate school as an example):

1. Self-introduction. The first paragraph is usually a simple self-introduction, including the author's bachelor's degree and major; the graduate program he/she intends to apply for; the degree of correlation between the major he/she has studied and the major he/she wish to apply for. At the beginning of an article, it is necessary to have new ideas and highlight the key points. Only in this way can we impress the audit personnel at the first time.

2. Explain the personal reasons for choosing this major. "Are you interested in the subject or the major? Or will study a particular discipline or major help you with your academic or career plans? "Be sure to be specific about the passion for chosen major or subject in relation to personal interests.

3. Explain the understanding of the major. When writing, the brief introduce of academic situation in advance, the theoretical and methodological knowledge have mastered now, and then introduce the research direction, methods, and purposes of the major applying for. By proving to meet the admission criteria of this major and be able to complete the courses of this major, it will gain both personal and social benefits.

4. Work experience and relevance to future career planning. Brief introduction of previous internship experience, specific work content, and future development direction, with emphasis on various practical experiences obtained in the internship, and demonstrate the help of these experiences to the research of this professional field and future career. Use examples to demonstrate the motivation for studying this area of expertise.

5. Summary. The final summary should be brief, reiterating the reasons for applying to the school and the program, and praising their uniqueness as well as the knowledge and abilities that might be gained from future research.

Finally, it should be noted that when writing PS, the logical level of the full text must be well controlled; using examples proved to be better than empty words; a future career plan must be included. Hope every applicant can write a high-quality PS!

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