32146 Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics – writing, data analysis, case, assessment

32146 Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics is a course from UTS that covers core Data to support Visual analysis and decision-making processes as well as Visual interaction techniques.

Students learn the latest data visualization papers and try to practice visualization analysis software at the forefront of data visualization. The purpose of course 32146 is to enable students to design and evaluate various advanced visual interfaces and apply them directly to the cycle of visual data mining or visual analysis, enabling them to become data visualization designers and visual data analysts.

There are 3 assessments in this course:

Assessment 1 is Data Collection and Visual Analytics. It's weighting 30%, and it requires students to do the analysis alone. Although it is only required to write 10 pages, including pictures and tables (excluding bibliography), based on years of experience, it is best to write around 2000 words to get a high grade. Due Day is on September 4th.

Assessment 2 is Advanced Data Visualisation. This is where the instructor is given a dataset containing a range of data types in advance (the US Open Championship dataset) and asks the student to validate the dataset and then develop an effective data visualization that successfully communicates key insights. The purpose of Assessment 2 is to guide students to simulate the role of an analyst in real life. After the Assessment is completed, it will be submitted online through Canvas. The due day is October 9th. The word limit is 15 pages, and the content is consistent with the requirements of Assessment 1. More details can be learned through GPA Expert contact customer service.

Assessment 3 is Applied Data Visualisation. Depending on the dataset chosen by the student, each student is required to create an interactive data visualization that supports narrative discovery and communication within the context of the business domain of the data. Students will need to select and customize a range of interactive data visualization techniques to achieve this. Assessment 3 is designed to ensure that students understand the extensive data sets and data types available on Australia's international trade. Students will learn data statistics and analysis patterns and use different visualization techniques to present these patterns and reveal data stories in data sets. The Australian international trade dataset is extracted from ABS statistics and contains over 30 years of data from 1988 to 2021. The proportion of this assignment is 40%, the word limit is 20 pages, and the due day is November 6th. If you want to learn more about this course, you can go to GPA Expert and contact customer service.

Course 32146 requires a lot of visual interaction techniques. The three assignments require a lot of practical operations. Although there is no required amount of words, the average page length is about 200 words. Don't forget to contact GPA Expert if you have trouble completing the assignment, we will provide professional services!

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