AIP209 The Politics of Asylum in Australia and Asia – writing, report, case, essay

AIP209 The Politics of Asylum in Australia and Asia mainly introduces the historical, political, and structural factors that shape asylum policy in Australia and Asia. The reasons why people flee and the ways they seek protection are studied. The geopolitical outcomes of these policies are assessed; what these outcomes mean for Australia's relationship in the Asian region; what they mean for asylum seekers and refugees.

There are 3 Assessments in AIP209:

Assignment 1 Ethics Paper asks students to write an ethics essay. Students are required to develop ethical points based on the fourth week's readings, consider the ethical implications of each position and address them. It should be noted that the reference should be in Harvard format, because of the given material. Assignment 1 accounts for 25%, the word count is 1000 words, and the due day is August 12 (T2). Search GPA Expert for other writing requirements.

Assignment 2 is the Policy Background Paper. Its weighting is 25%. The opening period is during a week, and the due day is on September 26. The assessment has three questions, and students are required to provide short answers (within 1000-word in all) to the three questions provided. The present is the right time to submit the work on assignment 2. Don’t forget to submit it on time!

Assignment 3 requires students to write a 2000-word essay. References should be no less than 10 lists without a word limit and are required to use Harvard format. The topic of the essay is one of six topics that students could choose freely. It accounts for 50%, and the due day is on October 3 (T2). For more detailed requirements, please contact GPA Expert Customer Service.

AIP209 is a course offered by Deakin University's School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Students may be under enormous time pressure due to two consecutive assignments in the last two weeks. Therefore, we recommend contacting GPA Expert as early as possible for help or guidance.





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