MATH2201 Basic Statistical Methodologies – writing, report, case, quiz, presentation

MATH2201 Basic Statistical Methodologies is taught at RMIT. This course consists of four assignments: Assignment 1 is an Individual draft report, Assignment 2 is online quiz; Assignment 3 is a video presentation. Assignment 4 is a project report.

Assignment 1 is a draft report. It is an individual report assessment. The documents to be submitted for this evaluation are divided into two types: draft report and other files. The group report draft is uploaded in PDF format. The rest of the files should be compressed into a ZIP file, which contains the following documents: 1. PDF format of meeting minutes and task assignment table; 2. A PDF copy of the Group constitution document; 3. Data set; 4. Minitab programming steps (a Minitab file), or R/Python/Matlab code; 5. Personal reports (don't forget personal reports, because no personal reports = O points for the person). This evaluation project accounts for 15%, and the Due date is on August 26th. The above is about Assignment 1. For more details, please refer to GPA Expert.

Assignment 2 is a series of 4 online quizzes. They account for 40% of the total. The Due date is in Week4 /7/10/13. Each quiz is a 50-minute open-book quiz with 10 questions. Be careful to answer the questions succinctly.

Assignment 3 is Video Presentation. This assessment task mainly tests linear regression, regression testing, multiple linear regression, and other topics. It accounts for 15%. The Due date is on October 7th.

Assignment 4 is the team's Project Report, which accounts for 30%. To find appropriate team members in time will help students to complete their homework more efficiently. Any questions could contact for help. Students can choose their own professional teacher to explain MATH2201.

After our guidance, the average score of MATH2201 is 86 points. The video presentation can be learned from GPA Expert, and the individual draft report can also find notes and explanations from GPA Expert. I recommend students without basic knowledge could consult our customer service in detail.





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