MAF308 Derivative and Fixed Income Securities - quiz report case

The course name of MAF308 is Derivative and Fixed Income Securities, which is related to derivatives and Fixed Income Securities.  The 30-minute multiple-choice exam is open for 3 days. There are 10 multiple-choice questions in total. The content of the exam includes topic1-3, which can be attempted twice.  For details, please consult GPA-Expert, who can provide some sample problems and help.  As for the Assignment2 of MAF308, it is an individual report with 2500 words. The assignment requires students to use MAF308 to analyze market data, and they will need to use Excel to do some data analysis and draw tables.  The due date is Week9, accounting for 30%. If you have any questions about the assignment or this chart, please visit GPA-Expert for consultation. The Assignment3 of MAF308 is a take-home exam, which means you have 24 hours to complete, accounting for 60%, and will be carried out during the exam week.  It is worth mentioning that the exam is a prerequisite that a minimum of 50% in the final exam is required to pass MAF308. The exam consists of 5 parts, each divided into 2-3 parts. For details, click GPA-Expert.  Examples from previous years and review materials will be provided to you!  If you want to improve your score, please contact us. We hope you can get a good score in MAF308.





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