CITS3007 Secure Coding – writing, programing project, sample, exam

CITS3007 Secure Coding is a course in IT at the University of Western Australia (UWA). The evaluation of CITS3007 consisted of 3 assignments: Assignment 1 is Mid-semester Test; Assignment 2 is Practical Programming Project; Assignment 3 is Final Exam.


Assignment 1 Mid-semester Test:

Accounted for 20%;

The Due date is in Week7;

There is no timing or time limit for this test, but it needs to be completed once and no student can attempt it a second time. The tasks are as follows: 1. Verify the input data and external connections of the program; 2. Apply industry-standard secure programming practices; 3. Master the development of a systematic method for evaluating software systems to identify security vulnerabilities. The above is the general information about Assignment 1. For more details, please refer to GPA Expert.


Assignment 2 Practical Programming Project:

Accounted for 30%;

Due Date October 20th;

Assignment 2 is a hands-on group evaluation task. It requires: 1. Demonstrate an understanding of the basic execution model of computer programs and how programs represent and access their resources; 2. Provide examples of common software vulnerabilities that threaten the normal operation of programs. Contact GPA Expert for help with teamwork.


Assignment 3 is the Individual Final Exam. The ability to communicate effectively,  to propose computational models to address given research hypotheses, and to qualify the limitations of these models; Explain the concepts and techniques used in the field of computational modeling; Design, apply, and analyze related techniques to solve problems in the field of computational modeling. It is very important that the final assessment accounts for 50%. The Due date is the final examination period. Have a weak foundation? Contact GPA Expert and choose a personal tutor to explain CITS3007.


After our careful guidance, the average guidance score of the students in CITS3007  is 86 points, the group homework scoring points can be found in GPA Expert, and Individual Final Exam scoring skills are also noted and explained here, we recommend students without a foundation can consult in detail.





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