The full name of CFA is Chartered Financial Analyst, or Chartered Financial Analyst. It is a qualification examination established by the AIMR in 1963 and is the largest of the vocational examinations by far. Today, CFA candidates are widely recognized by the securities investment and management community.

Those who major in business know something about CFA. Some students believe that the certificate is so useful in their career that they have prepared in advance, while others consist a belief that the certificate is useless for their future career development. So, is the CFA worth preparing for? Let's understand the application field of CFA first.

If anyone wants to stay in a foreign country after the expiration of the study visa, it is very important to obtain a CFA certificate, because it is widely recognized by foreign securities investment and management circles. With a CFA certificate in hand, it is easier for job seekers to get an offer. It is also a good way for job seekers to negotiate salaries with recruiters. For applying for positions such as Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst, owning a CFA certificate means almost getting the position. CFA is even a requirement for many securities analyst positions.

If anyone wants to be back to find a job, CFA has advantages in securities investment, funds, and asset management. However, if anyone wants to enter the field of commercial banking, CFA is helpless, because the domestic banking industry attaches more importance to the applicant's education, personality, and background. Rarely do they require for professional certificate like CFA. However, in recent years, the government began to provide subsidies to those who hold designated professional certificates. Thus, the future of CFA will be better.

Therefore, it is recommended that students prepare for the exam in advance, try to get their CFA certificate before graduation, and broaden their career field.

Regarding the timing of the CFA exam, it is generally held twice a year. CFA consists of three stages: LevelⅠ、LevelⅡ and LevelⅢ. Candidates must pass the previous stage of the examination before they can take the next stage. The time period of the exam is also limited, with candidates required to pass the current stage in three years and to complete the three stages in seven years. The CFA exam is six hours long and must be completed in one day. Level ⅰ and Level ⅱ are multiple choice questions, while Level ⅲ has essay questions and case analysis questions. Therefore, Level ⅲ is the most difficult. Since the registration time will affect the registration fee, the CFA registration fee ranges from $700 to $1000. The specific price needs students combined with their own situation to sign up. For more information, please contact GPA Expert Customer Service Center.


Finally, wish everyone gets the ideal offer!