COMP90059 Introduction to Programming – writing, test, case, programming assignment

COMP90059 Introduction to Programming is a graduate course in the Python language. The course introduces the basic concepts of the programming language Python via learning how to use Python to solve practical problems, such as data manipulation, transformation, data visualization, basic programming structures, basic data structure, abstract, basic program structure, and algorithms to solve problems. No prior knowledge of computer programming is required.


The evaluation of this course is divided into 4 assignments:


Assignment 1 requires students to spend 13-15 hours on a programming-based task. This task is worth 10% of the total assessment mark and takes place on Week 6.


Assignment 2 is a mid-semester test. This task is mainly to evaluate the knowledge acquired before Week 8, which accounts for 10% of the total assessment score.


Assignment 3 is a programming-based Assignment, but it requires students to spend 25-30 hours on this assessment task. It also accounted for 20% of the total assessment score, which took place on Week12. This is an important assessment that needs to be paid attention to. Click GPA Expert to view it.

Assignment 4 is the last assessment, so it is scheduled for the final exam week and is a 3 hour written exam. At 60%, this assessment is crucial. Because take the way of offline written examination to answer, all need careful preparation. For relevant guidance, please click GPA Expert to contact the customer service center.

COMP90059 is difficult for students without basic Programming knowledge. Although the programming language is relatively basic, it needs students to use it proficiently. In completing the evaluation task, not only can the code be applied, but the format of the code needs to be adjusted to meet the running standards, so as to avoid many unnecessary lost points. If the student does not have a good grasp of the basics of the course, it is better to find a professional teacher from the GPA Expert to teach COMP90059. If you have trouble completing your assignment, please contact GPA Expert for help. We will provide you with the best service!





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