BFC5280 Institutional asset and liability management – writing, case, quiz, final exam

BFC5280, as a required course for Master of Banking and Finance, used to be "famous" for its high failure rate. With the change of the teaching mode from face-to-face to online in recent years, its failure rate has gradually dropped to the average level of the compulsory courses of general finance majors.

Since BFC5280 has a certain degree of professional depth, students, especially those without a professional background, are advised to complete the basic subjects before taking this course. It should be noted that although BFC5280 is "asset and liability management of commercial institutions", most of it is to study "bank risk control" from the perspective of quantification.

The assessment of BFC5280 is mainly carried out in the form of examination:

Assignment 1 is Online Quizzes. It accounts for 20%, and there are 11 weekly online quizzes (EXCEPT for week1). That is to say, from the second week, the knowledge learned in the previous week will be quizzed every week. Need to find a professional teacher for help? Contact GPA Expert, and choose a professional tutor to explain BFC5280.

Assignment 2 was the mid-semester Test (MST), which accounted for 30% of the total assessment score. The MST will be held in week 7 and covered the theoretical knowledge of the previous four weeks.

Assignment 3 is the Final Examination, accounting for 50%. Assignment 3 is the one with the highest score in the assessment and will be the determining factor for the course score. It takes place during the final exam week and gives students 10 minutes to prepare, with a limit of two hours. Want to learn more about the Final Examination? Please contact GPA Expert Customer Service Center for more information.

As a required course for the Master of Banking and Finance at Monash University, it has many secondary risks in traditional Banking in detail, including the construction of risk models, analysis of advantages and disadvantages, and model development, which is helpful to cultivate students' professional thinking. Want to know the construction routine of the risk model? Click GPA Expert to contact customer service. Professional tutor BFC5280 can be found in GPA Expert, corresponding answering skills and other services can be provided.





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