CITS3001 Algorithms, Agents and Artificial Intelligence – writing, case, project design, exam

CITS3001 Algorithms, Agents and Artificial Intelligence is one of the major courses in IT at the University of Western Australia (UWA). It examines students' mastery and application ability of theoretical knowledge through tests and project design. It has four assessments:


Assignment 1 is an individual lab assessment. It is divided into three sections that students need to complete independently. This quiz will provide the opportunity to implement some basic traveling salesman optimization algorithms. You should implement the Java solution to the given problem via SPM by Friday, August 19. Besides, students can discuss with each other. This evaluation project accounts for 10%, and the Due dates are on August 19/September 2/September 27 respectively. The above is about Assignment 1. For more details, please refer to GPA Expert.


Assignment 2 is a Mid-term Test. Students are asked to use ubiquitous search and optimization algorithms to solve a given problem. In other words, students are tested to assess their ability to solve problems. It accounts for 10%, and the Due date is on September 23.


Assignment 3 is about the project design of the game. The purpose of this evaluation task is to achieve a goal by developing a complex plan. These different approaches are the key technologies required for software that can adapt to changing environments and operate autonomously in the presence of developer uncertainty. Assignment 3 accounts for 30%, and the Due date is on October 13.

Assignment 4 is a Final Exam. Students are required to reproduce algorithms and techniques using low-level tools (Pythan or Java). The Due date is during the exam week. For more information, you can contact GPA Expert or choose a personal tutor to explain CITS3001.

After our careful guidance, the average score of students in CITS3001 is 87. The key points of Lab assessment can be learned in GPA Expert, and the notes and explanations of final exam can also be found here. We suggest that students without basic knowledge can consult in detail.





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